DIY Bath Salts (the legal kind)

Recently, it was my friend Kira‘s birthday. I decided I would make some bath salts as a gift for her. I thought I’d share with you guys a little tutorial on how to make these. It’s a super fast and easy gift to make, and with the amount of salts I have now, I could probably make jars and jars and jars of bath salts for myself.

What you’ll need:

Epsom Salts
Sea Salt
an Essential Oil (I chose Juniper)
Food Coloring
Bowl (preferably something metal, so it doesn’t stain)
Jar of any kind (I used a mason jar)

First step is to measure out how much Epsom and Sea Salts you will need to fit in the jar you have chosen. I did about 1/4 Sea Salt and the rest Epsom Salt. It’s up to you how much of each you would like. I would do no more than 1/2 Sea Salt, it does not take food colouring as well as Epsom Salt, so that is always something to consider.

After measuring your salts, pour into your bowl. I decided I wanted to do tricolour bath salts of Red White and Blue (Kira loves the USA). So I did each 1/3 separately.  I didn’t need any colouring for the white 1/3, so I left that for after. I added about 5 drops of blue, and the same for the red. You can eye it out yourself though, depending on how dark (or light) you would like them. After stirring the salts well – so the colour spreads over all the salts – I added a few drops of Juniper Essential Oil. To each separate 1/3 I added about 2-3 drops. Essential Oils are very strong! So try not to over do it. In this case, less is more.

Once you have finished all the stirring, oil adding and colour, you can leave the salts out to dry. I put them on tin foil because that is all I had at the time, but a baking sheet would work just as well. Let them dry for about 2 hrs. I suggest putting them in a different room than the one you are in, or near a window. I had them in the Livingroom, but the smell became so overwhelming I had to move them into the Bedroom by a window.

When they have dried you can pour them into your jar – I made the tin foil into a kind of funnel so I could pour it easily into the jar with no mess. You can also add some decorative things to the jar if you want. After pouring the salts into my jar I decided it needed something else , so I wrapped some twine and tied it into a bow at the top of the jar to make it a little more cute looking.

And voila! All done!

Quick, easy and will make baths even more enjoyable.


[Editor’s note: A few people have asked where you can get some of the ingredients, so I thought I would include them in the post. You can purchase Epsom and Bath Salts at any drug store. I got the Essential Oil at a health food store. Food coloring is from the grocery store. Mason jars can be found at Zellers, Walmart etc. In this case I got my mason jar at a vintage clothing store that sells some house wares and antique furniture. Hope that helps!]


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