Lazy Weekend


It’s the middle of Winter, and it’s been consistently quiet around here. I’m not complaining, because any excuse for me to stay in with my dog(s!!!) and a book is alright with me – but it doesn’t make for very exciting blogposts… – so you’ll have to forgive this mash-up of random iphone pictures.

This weekend was especially wonderful because my sister Allie was visiting – and I adopted another dog!

Without further ado – let me introduce to you, the new addition to my (and the Larkspur) family – Frankie! She’s a nervous little thing, who loves to cuddle more than any dog I’ve ever met. She’s heart-breakingly sweet, and her perfect little face will be making lots of cameos on this blog. Lola is still getting used to the idea of having a sister, she likes her, but she’s a little protective of her toys and treats…but they cuddle at night, and I know they’re going to be best friends.

This weekend, my sister and I went to see the movie The Quartet (we’re a family of crazy Maggie Smith fans) and baked some dessert, and made really delicious pasta for dinner. We went to meet our aunt for brunch, and she graced us with a million wonderful stories about her and our Mom when they were in high school. But mostly, we sat around laughing and talking and looking at old pictures, and getting really giddy about the fact that our cousin just announced he is going to be a father for the first time! It was a perfect weekend – and I would have been a lot sadder seeing her off if it weren’t for the cottage weekend we have planned with our family in two weeks!

photo 3(12)

photo 1(12)

photo 5(7)

photo 4(9)

photo 1(13)

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