It was quite a busy weekend. I had my dance show Saturday evening, which went splendidly, and I am pretty sad that it is over now. The whole show felt like it flew by, and when it was finished, I couldn’t really believe it. I feel so lucky and privileged to have been a part of it. I am forever inspired by the talented people around me, and by the dancers who move in a way that makes my heart flutter.

Yesterday Matt and I woke up early, got some brunch and then took Gus for a walk at Old Mill. I say walk, but what I really mean is carry, as Gus isn’t much of a walker. We also learned that he does not take too kindly to the camera. As soon as the camera was in front of Matt’s face, Gus was growling and barking as if Matt had transformed into a menacing monster that may attack at any given moment. The normal things that would upset a dog do not bother Gus – vacuums, bigger dogs, thunder (well, hes deaf, to be fair). But things like piled garbage bags, pillows, his own toys, and now apparently cameras, do.

This evening I plan to have dinner with Meaghan and catch up. I had been so busy with dance for the last month I don’t feel like I have seen any humans outside of the Pandora cast and Matt.









Outfit details…

Jumper: H&M and altered
Blouse & tie: some boutique in MTL, I forget
Coat: thrifted H&M
Belt: thrifted
Tights: Target
Gloves: gift from Meaghan
Boots: Topshop
Bag: vintage

Posted by Alex

4 thoughts on “Gustave

  1. woksanen says:

    Aww you and your dog are too cute! I love the outfit! Don’t be afraid to strike a model poise! I want to see those clothes!! Excited to see more. Following!


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