Bonjour! Un Shop Update

edit1….1970’s Rust High Waisted A-Line Skirt (S/M)

It feels like every time I take listing photos for the shop, a thunderstorm rolls in. What is this curse? So once again, the lighting in these photos leaves much to be desired. But what can a girl do? These are the woes of a girl who cannot afford a shop studio just yet, and thus, lovely natural light can be few and far between when the sun does not hit my apartment windows quite right (or at all). Anyways!! This week I have two very lovely skirts! The polka dot baby was actually from my very own wardrobe, but I decided to let her go. She deserves a lot more wear than I was giving her. Oh, and then these adorable 1960’s powder pink ruffle bloomers! Eep! So darling. They need a good vintage negligee loving home. As does the robe. I love this robe, I do. But my hoarding of robes needs to come to an end (it won’t though).

I hope everyone has a very lovely Thursday! Come virtually visit the shop today. Maybe something will catch your eye!

edit22….1960’s Olive Green Floral Embroidered Knit Cardigan (S/M)

edit33….1970’s Navy & Polka Dot Nautical High Waisted Skirt (S/M)

edit44….1960’s Powder Pink Ruffle Bloomers (S)

edit55….1960’s Pale Pink Sheer Lace House Coat (one size fits all)

2 thoughts on “Bonjour! Un Shop Update

  1. brittansalisbury says:

    I love the moody photos! They fit your aesthetic! Very “The Loved One”
    Excited to check out the shop, have a perfect weekend! xo


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