Holiday Sale

red_hat_vintage_christmasThe holidays are fast approaching, and while I love going home for Christmas, this time of year always feels the most insane. It’s not until I’m comfortably melting into my parents couch that I really feel relaxed. Each year I tell myself to buy all my gifts early to diminish that god awful “oh crap, i have zero time for this” stress. However, apparently I thrive off stress and continue to be the same old procrastinator I have always been. So kids, don’t be like me! Why not virtually pick up some things on your list today (or tomorrow, or whenever)? Please feel free to use coupon code MISTLETOEHOHO to received 30% off anything in the store. Want your purchase in time for the holidays? US residents should order by Dec.10th, and everywhere else by Dec. 2nd (this is not including Canada, you guys have more time). Discount runs until Dec. 4th (beat that Black Friday sales).

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