DIY: Snow Globe

DSC_0270editWell well well, what is this!? A DIY (not exactly Wednesday) post! It’s been a long time, I must admit. I can’t promise this will be a regular thing again, but we’ll take what we can get, right?

This is a DIY I should have shared ages ago, but it felt unsuited for anything other than the holidays. Making your own snow globe could be one of the easiest and fastest crafts out there, and it makes a great Christmas (Hanukkah, anything) gift. Over the years I’ve made several of these for some dear pals, so I can vouch for it as a thoughtful and neat gift.



  • A clean mason jar (or something similar that will contain water)
  • Neato item to go inside (I chose this eagle, but it’s your life, so do what you want)
  • Clear drying water resistant glue – can be found at Home Hardware etc. (do not use the one I have pictured above, not water resistant, I stupidly grabbed the wrong glue out of my cupboard, and well, it ended up being a mess)
  • Distilled water – I always use Smart Water (cause I’m smart)
  • Glycerin – found at any drug store
  • Glitter!!!
  • Twine



Make sure the mason jar (or whatever) you selected has a wide enough opening that you can easily fit your object in without a struggle (i will admit I struggled a bit with the wings of this guy). Once you are certain it will fit, you can apply your water resistant glue to the bottom of the object, and carefully place it at the bottom of the jar (beware long haired dames, tie your hair back when using glue, I learned the hard way, not one, but two times). This can be tricky if you don’t have tiny dainty hands. My hands are rather small, but definitely not small enough to fit directly inside the jar. In a ghetto attempt to carefully place Mr. Eagle in the jar I used a pair of tongs. It did the trick, so I don’t care how weird it may have been.



I left the glue to dry for 24hrs, but most glues will tell you you can wait 1hr. The longer it’s left, the better the hold. Jiggle your jar around a bit to make sure it’s secure, and then you can begin pouring your distilled water into the jar. I never fill the jar to the brim – a few inches before the brim will do just fine. Once your jar is a cool filled guy, add in a few drops of glycerin. Don’t get crazy now, a few drops will do.



Stop, glitter time! Use whatever colour combination you’d like. I did have to remake this snow globe after my stupid glue situation, so I ended up using gold, red and silver glitter on my finished one. Because of the glycerin, the glitter will sit at the top of the water. Do not fret, once you shake that baby, things will get real snow globe glittery inside.


To add a little something to the finished snow globe, I usually wrap twine around the lid. As stated before, it is your life, people, but I do feel adding something to the top gives it a nice finished look. If using twine, make sure to leave the ends free so it can be tied into a little bow when you’re done. You’ll be quite sad if you forget to do this.


And voila, a thoughtful gift that is very kind to our check books, and makes you look like some sort of DIY master (it’s not true though).

4 thoughts on “DIY: Snow Globe

  1. camrynforrest57 says:

    Very nice. With a painted figure (like dashing Mr. Eagle), it would be wise to soak it overnight in liquid, to be sure the paint isn’t going to come off when it’s in the snow globe over time. I love making snow globes!


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