Keep On Walking


It was such a beautiful weekend filled with friends, good food, and time well spent outdoors. Whatever little bit of warmth mother nature will give us, we shall receive with open arms. Because of my surgery, lack of sun and a never ending bitter chill in the air, I’ve been finding it hard to motivate myself to do anything other than sit on my couch with one of my many antique tea pots and episode after episode of Friday Night Lights (insert Nashville, New Girl, Girls, The Mindy Project). This is not natural for me…it’s not the sort of thing that keeps me happy (although those shows are amazing!!!) So it doesn’t hurt that one of my best friends (well two) is (are) the brains behind The Vacant North and can remind me that while winter can feel like the enemy, and the wind can deter us from leaving our nests (which is sometimes totally reasonable! i don’t want frostbite), if weather permits, hiking and exploring can be just as invigorating and fulfilling with snow on the ground (and ice water in your boots).

When I first got my Samantha Pleet Blixen Boots I told myself I would never wear them in the snow, and I would keep them in impeccable condition. But the snow came, and day after day I’d lace them onto my feet because there was no other boot I really wanted to wear. And after some time I realized I would rather have them come along on adventures with me. Why not let them live?!  Afterall, I feel Samantha Pleet always depicts strong, beautiful, adventurous women in her clothing and shoe designs, so it makes sense that outdoors and in nature is where they are mean’t to be.

*photos of me taken by Meaghan











Coat: in the shop!!
Skirt: vintage via Common Sort
Beret: vintage
Scarf: thrifted via Salvation Army
Socks: H&M
Boots: Samantha Pleet x Wolverine
Gloves: gift from Meaghan

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