Belle Vie / 32

DSC_2549DSC_2567DSC_2467DSC_2736DSC_2750DSC_24751. Our spider plant is dying…I think. Also please ignore it’s ugly pot, it needs to be re-potted into something more aesthetically pleasing. Any tips for keeping a healthy and happy spider plant? Ryan has quite a green thumb, but this lil baby seems unhappy, still. Also, our Brennan Michael candle is still going strong, and seriously, it smells amazing, get yourself one!
2. We have been looking after Ryan’s family dog Beans for the last month. Watching her and Gus play is actually so hilarious.
3. There aren’t many details about my apartment that I truly enjoy, but I love the mirror and light fixture in our bathroom.
4. Hey, there’s me, in the mirror!
5. My go-to breakfast of late – greek yogurt, fruits, fruits, fruits and flax seeds (also I aint no food photographer, this is real life peeps)
6. Beans needs constant attention and steals all the socks!

4 thoughts on “Belle Vie / 32

  1. Lucy in the Sky says:

    I too have spider plants but they seem to be suffering as well – I most certainly do not have a green thumb! It must be lovely to see those two dogs play together, dogs are such goofy creatures and that is such a gorgeous light fixture!


    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      Ya, I don’t have a green thumb either! My bf does all the care for our plants and he enjoys learning about them, and I enjoy looking at them, so it works out! haha! And yes, Gus and Beans are sop cute together, they are complete opposites in every sense of the word, but they both love to get silly and play. its adorable!


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