black-oval-frame-3-1000x1000Have you guys heard of the online shop Everly? It’s a darling place filled with antique and vintage treasures, run by the beauteous Hannah Hayes. I have been following Hannah online for quite a few years now, and while she doesn’t blog as much as she used to, I’m always excited to see an update from her because her photography is stunning and she always, always finds the most adorable antique treasures. To me, it felt like a natural progression for her to start up her own shop so she could combine her love of photographing vintage knick knacks with her ability to find the cutest curiosities and be able to share them with us folks who are not as lucky or as keen when searching for those special vintage goodies.
celluloid-flower-pendant-1-1000x1000 cat-postcard-3-1000x1000 bourjouis-rouge-box-1-1000x1000 devon-violets-card-box-1-1000x1000 hohner-miniature-harmonica-1-1000x1000 prices-candles-1-1000x1000 green-stamp-photo-album-2-1000x1000 coloured-pencils-2-1000x1000

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