Rain Rain…

The weekend’s weather was rather shit, which was a bit disappointing but probably for the best as Ryan and I were able to reorganize some things in our apartment (I feel like I’m always saying that, but its ALWAYS a work in progress) and I got caught up on some much needed rest (youtube subscriptions). We did manage to pop out for a bit when the rain wasn’t so intense to snap these photos, and I figured I’d fight the dreary weather with a somewhat bright and psychedelic outfit. This vest actually comes from a set and it’s matching friend is in the form of a white drop waist button up collared dress with matching psychedelic pattern on the skirt. I’ll have to show you the full set one day, but for now you just get the vest. I’m not sure why I never thought to pair it with something outside of it’s designated dress friend until yesterday, but maybe it’s because I don’t own that many solid colored skirts and it’s obviously not a very ideal pattern to pair with another pattern. Although, that seems like a personal styling test of some sort and I think I’m up for the challenge.

How was your weekend friends? I feel like you’ve been a bit quiet lately, not sure why, but I would love to hear from you!
Blouse & skirt: thrifted
Vest: vintage via SugarSlax
Bow tie: TLO
Shoes: Seychelles

7 thoughts on “Rain Rain…

  1. Anna says:

    Cheerful outfit! Your mod looks are always so delightfully put-together. Btw, your hair is such an inspiration – I love your side swept bangs. I just started wearing my bangs to the side for the summer. (They just won’t stay straight across my sweaty forehead). Do you have any tips for styling?


    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      awww, thats really sweet, thank you. mod looks are always my favourite, so thats nice to hear ❤ And thank you!! I'm in an in-between stage with my hair. Trying to decide if I want to cut it, if I want to keep the straight across my bangs…not sure yet. Since my bangs are just in my eyes when I wear them straight across right now I've been wearing them to the side. My bangs are kind of strange and the hair likes to go in all different directions, but I think naturally my bangs like to be to the side, so they stay quite well, unlike my straight across fringe. Really all I do to style them to the side is sometime blow dry them with a round brush in the direction I want them to go. To be honest, I don't do much else. They are sometimes weird in the morning, but through out the day they find their way to the right place. I definitely do way more styling with a straight across fringe.


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