Paint Nite

Larkspur Vintage | Paint NiteLast week myself and 3 friends were invited to attend Paint Nite, a nightly 2 hour (roughly) event that blends artistic painting and drinking cocktails (or whatever you want) at local bistros in Toronto and the GTA. It’s lead by a performing artist who guides everyone in the class step by step through blank canvas to “masterpiece”. I must admit, when I first got the invite I wasn’t so sure about it. I mean, I cannot paint, or at least I thought I could not. But Paint Nite specifically boasts that you need no skill whatsoever, which left me feeling a little more reassured. When we got to the class we were seated together, each with a blank canvas in front of us, oil paints in blue, red, yellow, black and white, two paint brushes and an apron. The painting we were to paint that evening was “white tulips”, which I knew ahead of time because you can choose which event you attend based on the painting, day or location you prefer. The thing that is really nice about this event is that you have total creative freedom – you can follow the teacher’s instructions as much or as little as you like. I mostly followed every instruction given, just mixing colours how I preferred, but Ryan painted something totally from his own imagination, so that gives you a good idea of how much freedom and choice you have.

I came away from the evening feeling pretty proud. I don’t think I had picked up a paint brush since I was a child, let alone actually paint something I felt was pretty decent looking. I’ve always felt like a creative person – I dance and choreograph pieces, I write and I’m clearly into photography, but I have always shied away from arts like drawing and painting; it often feels like a skill set I just don’t have. But this sort of showed me that if given some direction, it is likely something I could learn to be decent at. I doubt I’ll ever become a painter, but this opportunity has made me interested in trying some other art forms…I’ve now done pottery and painting…I wonder what’s next?!

If you are interested in giving Paint Nite a go (and I really think you should) I am offering 35% off with the code INSTA. You can book online here.

*I was given 4 complimentary tickets to Paint Nite in exchange for social media posts, but all thoughts and opinions are my own, obvs

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