Mexico Colours

Larkspur Vintage | Mexico ColoursLarkspur Vintage | Mexico ColoursTULUM, I LOVE YOU

Well I am back from Tulum, and I’m not even sure where to begin. I guess I can start by saying there was a pretty large fuck up on my part before we left – I didn’t realize my passport was expired until a day before we were leaving, which made me really think I wasn’t even going to make it to Mexico. But, thanks to my seriously amazing calm and collected boyfriend, we got it all worked out in a single day and I made it to Tulum just as we planned. fucking PHEW!

Mexico is an overwhelmingly beautiful place. I pretty much fell in love with it the second we passed through Playa del Carmen on our way to Tulum. I feel as though I have a lot to say about Mexico and Tulum and the people I met and the things I saw, but not right now. I have many pictures to share, so I’ll be able to do that in the next few posts, but I’m still pretty tired from non stop moving and little sleep, so today probably isn’t the best time to really get into it. Mush brain, y’know.


I will say, I have never travelled much in my life. I’ve lived on my own since I was 19, in Toronto, an incredibly expensive city, which has always made it hard for me to have the money or time to travel. But now that I have seen Mexico, I have become totally enamored with visiting more of it, the surrounding countries and South America. I now get why people become obsessed with travel. It’s weirdly addictive and eye opening.  Anyways, I’ll leave you with these images Kristen shot of me in a neighbourhood close to downtown Tulum. So cute, right?!

Dress: Common Sort | Sandals: F21Larkspur Vintage | Mexico ColoursLarkspur Vintage | Mexico ColoursLarkspur Vintage | Mexico ColoursLarkspur Vintage | Mexico ColoursLarkspur Vintage | Mexico Colours*photos by Kristen, edited by me.

8 thoughts on “Mexico Colours

  1. Mona says:

    Lovely photos! I like travelling, but since I’m from a pretty small-ish town I like visiting bigger cities. I adore London!
    Also, this dress is so perfect! You look amazing in it. The colour is just splendid. And it works so well with the Mexico theme!
    Much love,


    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      I would really love to go to London one day. Big cities call to me as well, but I really enjoyed the different culture in Mexico, it wasn’t too far a reach from here, but still different. And thank you so much! xx


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