Beauty: 3 Easy Hairstyles For A Sweaty Head

Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 3 Easy Hairstyles for a Sweaty HeadHOW TO KILL A SWEAT MONSTER

I don’t know about your summer, but mine has been real sweaty!  I had no intention of letting my hair grow as long as it has, but with many scheduling issues trying to book a haircut and lets be honest, pure laziness, my hair has become a huge source of heat, warming my already warm self on hot days. To prevent from becoming too, what I like to call, heangry (heat angry), I need to wear it off my neck and/or forehead a lot of the time, so I’m going to show you three of the easiest and most common hairstyles I have been wearing when I am in desperate need of a quick forehead/neck cool down. These are by no means hairstyles you haven’t seen before, but I think it’s quite easy to end up just throwing your hair into a topknot because it’s fast and relatively simple, however, imho, these styles are just as fast and certainly as simple, so why not try something different next time you find yourself becoming a sweat monster. HERE WE GO!

Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 3 Easy Hairstyles for a Sweaty HeadThe Pippi: We can only assume Ms. Longstocking was v chilled down all the time; You’ve all seen pigtails, you’ve all seen braids. No explanation needed. Neck cooled, instantly.

Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 3 Easy Hairstyles for a Sweaty HeadA No-Braider: something that requires or involves little or no mental effort…which is is the definition of no-brainer, but is quite a fitting explanation for this hairstyle as well; I’m going to be honest, I don’t know how to do one of those trendy fishtail braids, and no one has time for that when they are in desperate need of sweat relief anyway. Why not try a simple braid in the back, takes no time (well, a little time) and looks just fine messy and a bit wonky.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 3 Easy Hairstyles for a Sweaty HeadCinnabun Minibun: This style is certainly hot like a tasty mini cinnabon atm, but not in the literal sense (cooled down is theme here afterall); Yes, this style is v trendy right now, but let’s be real, when you want the hair off your face while still showing off your luscious locks, its the ultimate style. Little tip: if you aren’t a bun master or your hair is thick like mine, fake bun it! On your last pony tail loop, pull your hair through only a bit forming a “samurai” bun. Much faster and honestly holds better than a true bun for you thick haired folks.

Tell me about your sweaty head go-to hairstyles in the comments below! Will you be trying any of these?

Thanks to all the cuties who gave name suggestions for these hairstyles! Was so nice and fun to read all your great ideas! Love you all!

2 thoughts on “Beauty: 3 Easy Hairstyles For A Sweaty Head

  1. Amanda lillis says:

    I know the sweaty head struggle! These also work for the “I have not washed my hair in several days” struggle. I like it


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