Mexican Inspired

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After going to Tulum, I felt really inspired by Mexico’s interior and exterior decor, colour palettes and rich patterns. There’s something about seeing bright colours, intricate fabrics and distinct furniture that just feels welcoming and happy, and makes you want to settle in. There were many times Kristen and I talked about how we would love to live in a place that felt like Mexico upon walking into it, so since then I have been pinning away – as you do – tons of inspiring places that feel a little bit like the coziness of Mexico (possibly Morocco too), with their impeccable, yet unassuming styling .e66d1a6c23f34715937d029edaa2914bcd896a8540e035eb3a931397b2e8dcd7cb66f4f22082eb45702ad2f060bae2dcbaed31768250edcd53edeb689d1fa808b0f2a6ee6883db6431ded835d253f57fa797dc9f1d5159b91c29e8c10369c738a8f0f2371e8525c7dbcfbbb48446c1fd0ddb949e2b9435c87b73d5b3cfc292a92457a2f14ad2b97fdb64bf173151626f778f5b8ba76b77b5bc6d239a9168e6987b610819cc958f1dbcb9d34619477e9b7aaaf08f5e0c71f06f83368bb2b3ea8f1cdd244ec80c8e32504fdd0d04cad1433d3542bfb4ac0ddec00c07ec5b79d422

4 thoughts on “Mexican Inspired

  1. Justina says:

    So much beautiful! I reccomend reading “The New Bohemians” by Justina Blakeny, if you like this kind of decor feeling. I devoured it earlier this summer and have been keeping it in my car, so I can take another peak whenever I have a moment.


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