My Current Favourite Jewelry

OKAY ANDIE | My Current Favourite Jewelrya girls best friend, or whatever

For the past several years I’ve had no real interest in jewelry. I have always worn a few fairly subtle rings that were, of course, for aesthetic purposes, but mostly for sentimental reasons. In the last year, and probably even more so in the last few months, I’ve really liked adding a simple necklace to an otherwise uncomplicated outfit, or something a bit more eye catching to really pull a look together, and pretty much always beautiful crafted, generally dainty (but sometimes not) rings. I thought I’d share some of the pieces I have been wearing the most with you guys today.
OKAY ANDIE | My Current Favourite JewelryOKAY ANDIE | My Current Favourite JewelryBolo by WellDunn

I’ve been looking for a really great bolo for some time now, so when Well Dunn contacted me to see if I would like something from their store I was pretty excited to see they have a plethora of bolo necklaces, all unique in their own right. I wouldn’t really consider myself very boho, I can get down with it from time to time, but not on a regular basis, so this bolo felt like the perfect fit for me; slightly boho but still very chic depending on how you style it. Plus, the black and tan leather mix makes it a bit more fun than your average bolo, but still, really simple.OKAY ANDIE | My Current Favourite JewelryOKAY ANDIE | My Current Favourite JewelryOKAY ANDIE | My Current Favourite JewelryStone Ring from Common Sort, Petal Vintage Ring and Aelia Hammered Ring by Eclectic Eccentricty

I have always worn rings. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t. Unfortunately, I have lost a lot of rings that meant quite a lot to me over the years. The ring department has started to dwindle, to put it lightly, so I’m always looking for new rings to add. These three here I have been wearing quite a lot lately, although I usually don’t wear them all together. The aqua stone ring is from Common Sort, unfortunately I don’t know the maker of the ring and the two bands are from Eclectic Eccentricity, of which they carry a lot of really interesting and beautiful rings.OKAY ANDIE | My Current Favourite JewelryOKAY ANDIE | My Current Favourite JewelryVintage Glass Leave Necklace by Eclectic Eccentricity

Adding simple, dainty necklaces to my outfits has been something I’ve been doing a lot lately. It is pretty certain I won’t leave (see what I did there) the house without one on. This leave necklace from EE is one I pretty much always have on. I love the subtle bit of colour it adds to my sometimes colourless outfits and after shooting these, I realized it matches m’eyeballs, sooooo, bonus points. If I’m being honest though, when I ordered this necklace, I was quite prepared for the chain on it to be much longer than I wanted. I don’t really like necklaces that dangle down my chest, and I have been unpleasantly surprised many times, receiving jewelry that didn’t quite look like it did online, so I was really happy to see this necklace was the perfect length and did actually look like the images I ordered from.

*some or all of the products featured were given to me by the brand, but my choosing to share them is due to my v real love of them.


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