Is It Crushing Us All?

OKAY ANDIE | Is It Crushing Us All?OKAY ANDIE | Is It Crushing Us All?Or is it just me?

Hi guys!!! Long time no talk or post or whatever. I am still alive and well. I feel slightly out of practise with this blog…like what do I even write about anymore? That’s probably the reason I haven’t been posting as much…I just don’t have much to say, and if I do, I post it in real time on Instagram. Are blogs dying? What do you guys think? Do we like YouTube more? Is Instagram just more accessible and the speed at which we take in information? Are we just too busy to sit down and read, or really write something? How can I be a blogger when I don’t even take the time to read blogs anymore? These are questions I wonder…stupid questions, really, because in the grand scheme of the world, they don’t even matter. But, in the grand scheme of my life, I am deeply a part of this world. I am supposed to care about what is new or what social medium is the best. I am supposed to be battling my way to the top, to have the most followers and the most success. And honestly, I do care and I do battle, but then I also dislike myself for caring too much and battling too much. Social media seems like it is crushing us all, and we all feel it, but we don’t really try wriggle our way out, and we struggle to see how it truly benefits our lives, but we also love it because it validates a lot of us and it gives us purpose and it influences us and inspires us…but it’s still crushing us and we still don’t really know how it benefits us.

Nobody starts a blog to just do it anymore. Everyone wants to make money from it. Everyone wants to find the quick and easy route to the top. But for a lot of us, we’ve been at it a long time and it’s almost more about luck than anything. I am not at all saying it’s bad to want or make money from social media, afterall, I do, but blogging has become this idealized job that anyone thinks they can do if they have a camera and a computer. It’s not an easy job though. It takes talent and it takes real effort and constant work. It’s a tiring one, that takes away from your real life and the people in your real life.

I am not sure how all of this reading right now? It’s not mean’t to be bitter or misanthropic. I’m more writing this for myself than anything. To just get it out. I love social media, but then I also dislike it. I daydream about disappearing from it some days, but then I also wonder who I would be without it, and that is fucking sad and scary.

Would love to hear all of your thoughts in the comments below. This post is not mean’t to call anyone out or read like I am giving up. I guess I just wanted to start a discussion. To see how we all feel. This space has always been about wanting to connect, so that I don’t feel alone and so you don’t either. To let us all know a lot of our feelings are universal, regardless of all the things that seem to set us apart.

Sweater: vintage via CS (similar; found it in blue!) | Jeans: vintage Levi’s (similar) | Boots: Zara via CS (similar)OKAY ANDIE | Is It Crushing Us All?OKAY ANDIE | Is It Crushing Us All?OKAY ANDIE | Is It Crushing Us All?OKAY ANDIE | Is It Crushing Us All?

*photos by Zach

16 thoughts on “Is It Crushing Us All?

  1. calijones says:

    I prefer blogging, think it creates more connection than the mediums which don’t require attention span. Even though my blog is private (I still read and comment!) and I also have an Instagram… which is more for keeping in touch with family and friends, for me. Blogging is more about exploring interests and connecting with people of similar interests.

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  2. thewesternsydneygirl says:

    It’s a scary thought but it may well be true.
    I suppose blogs are too “long” when for example you can just scroll through Instagram to get fashion inspiration and find out what someone is wearing if they have tagged the brands.
    Gorgeous sweater by the way. First day of Autumn here…eeks!

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  3. Meg says:

    I’m feeling exactly the same at the moment. I’ve been blogging since 2010 and have never been lucky with it in terms of followers/making a bit of a “living” out of it, but I’ve always loved doing it, and loved taking photos, so it never reeeeaally mattered. Since I’ve been on Instagram I’ve found that I battle a lot more, including with myself, and still don’t get anywhere. I get too deep in to it sometimes, take a step back, realise I need to let go, let go, and then do it all over again! We’re all completely addicted, and aware of it, which makes it even weirder! I also only read a handful of blogs now, yours obviously being one of them!).
    I’m glad you’ve touched on this, and I just wanted to say I’m glad you’ve been talking about mental health recently, too. As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety it’s so heartening to know that there are other people out there who are being open about it. Keep on writing, girl!

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    • Rachel says:

      I was going to leave a comment, but this is essentially my exact response! I’m in the same situation with my blog, which I’ve kept for about the same amount of time. I’m stuck in that place between keeping it up for me (cause it mostly brings me joy) without deadlines, or working hard to create regular, marketable content in hopes it might blossom into some lucrative. But, right — is that dying? Is it even worth the energy?
      I think these questions are important but can also be damaging to the creative process. At any rate, I am still enjoying your pictures AND your words!

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  4. giginaturelle says:

    Great thoughts on blogging and social media. I love all three platforms, but Instagram is definitely my current favorite since it is so visually inspiring. Also: you are totally channeling Emma Stone in these pictures. I love it!!

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  5. Klara Robot says:

    It is crushing me, too. I mean, I work my ass off for numbers or for sponsored gifts or –more importantly for me –for the prospect that of I get more readers, I also get more potential customers when I finally launch my clothing line. And the numbers, they keep being weird… Instagram is surprisingly great. Pinterest it good. But the blog? It’s dwindling. I don’t even know why. Less and less views, no matter how many times a week I post…

    But then I take a step back and ask: do I really need to work for numbers so hard? I am still blogging for myself and that’s all I really like about blogging. Robot is my personal blog, a diary of sorts, just one with a bunch of pretty pictures of me mostly aimlessly frolicking in the wilderness. Something I don’t really care how many people read. I fantasize sometimes that I refuse to join the blogging rat race and that I am free to create whatever content I want.

    But no matter what I imagine, I still stress about not being successful enough and not having the most readers and not reaching 10k on Instagram soon enough.

    So yeah. Basically, same here. Maybe some new medium will surface? One to combine the fast scrolling of IG with old-school charm of blogs?

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  6. Swann & the Berries says:

    I understand how you feel about social media, it’s really crushing. I prefer blogging even if everyone is on instagram nowadays because it’s more creative in a way I guess. But I don’t even want to know how i would feel without social media since it’s really helping me to not drown into depression right now (I know it’s sad) but this little gallery of tiny squared pictures help me to socialize when everyone irl make me want to stay in bed.

    I guess the best thing to do is not to take it too seriously and enjoy what we do 😉

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  7. plannercreative says:

    Ugh the endless cycle! I feel you! To be or not to be. If you choose not too, the world operates without u, additionally the world won’t let you… I’ve tried to go on a hiatus but everything is attached to social media, even so in my professional world. We are all stuck. I’m new to WordPress and I’ve found it refreshing that this social realm has more depth. I enjoy reading people’s thoughts and stories. So let’s keep it interesting and meaningful.

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  8. Bivisyani Q. (@alivegurl) says:

    Oh wow. Hmmm, well, I’m not a blogger in the same sense as you are, so what I say on this matter might not matter at all, but let me give you my 2 cents, if I may:

    Yes, I do think more people are gravitating more towards Youtube—and instagram—because they are far quicker. Heck, I watch more Youtube videos these days than I read blog posts. They’re so easy to have in the background while I multitask and consuming them takes an average of 10 minutes each—while reading a blog post could take a while, depending on what I’m doing and what they’re writing.

    However, personally, I do feel more connected to bloggers. Mostly, I think, because I’ve been following them forever. But also because they tend to be more thoughtful—because, isn’t it easier to write our feelings down than to say it out loud? I’m also definitely behind on reading blogs, but I always find it very therapeutic.

    But, again, I’m not blogging professionally, so statistically speaking, I ain’t got no damn clue. But isn’t it a good sort of diary to have when you’re older, though?

    Alive as Always

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  9. Casey AM says:

    I’ve written for magazines before and loved magazines in the past, but I have to say, I honestly hate them now. They’re fake, staged, and only show “perfection” or unattainable and expensive outfits. Blogs are real people, real thoughts and while they still might show a “perfected photo,” it’s something inspiring to me that you’ve created this and have the vision for this “publication.” I think that’s incredible. I think content creators still come in all shapes and sizes, and I know that while I’m mainly on Instagram if I feel like I need to be inspired I check out people’s blogs.

    I don’t know if this is just rambling, but don’t give up on being a blogger. You’re the influencer now, not some distant person is a New York skyrise, that’s incredible! You inspire and show people that if you work hard and have a dash of luck you can make money off of your creativity. I hope blogging stays around, it’s really shook up our world and power dynamics, and I don’t think we should throw that way. 🙂

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