Being Kind To Yourself

OKAY ANDIE | Being Kind To Yourselfhow the hell do we do that?

I shot these awhile back, and until recently, I wasn’t really sure why I hadn’t gotten around to sharing them. Aside from me not totally loving all the images I took, I also found myself being hyper-critical about my appearance…which seems to be my way lately. I have come to learn I am so mean to myself. I never find myself thinking horrible things about the people around me, but for whatever reason, when it comes to me, I am downright nasty. I am certain I am not the only person who does this to themselves.

It can’t be great for your mental well-being to have a negative dialogue running through your head all day. But how do we change that? Acknowledgement would be a great place to start. Catching yourself when you are being mean to yourself and then trying to be a little more gracious with yourself. It isn’t so much about self-love, but about giving yourself the same consideration you give others. We never see ourselves the way others do, but wouldn’t it be beautiful if we tried to? If we allowed ourselves to exist on a level playing field with those around us…

It’s easier said than done, I can bear witness to that. But all (good) things must start somewhere. Re-training your brain can feel like a daunting task, so daunting that we might just write it off altogether. But give yourself the time. If you are anything like me, you’ll be fighting against yourself every step of the way, but progress being made in small steps is still progress. And I imagine you are worth the time.

Blouse: Zara via CS | Trousers: vintage
OKAY ANDIE | Being Kind To YourselfOKAY ANDIE | Being Kind To YourselfOKAY ANDIE | Being Kind To YourselfOKAY ANDIE | Being Kind To YourselfOKAY ANDIE | Being Kind To Yourself

15 thoughts on “Being Kind To Yourself

  1. Laura Boggs says:

    Okay. Andie: go ahead and see what we all see: a drop-dead gorgeous gal who takes amazing photos. These images are stunning–the light, your coloring, your outfit, your surroundings, and–yes–your figure (I know you’ve written about doubts in this area. Join the club!). Go ahead and own it all, girlfriend. Someday you will be older and look back at these pics and say, damn, why didn’t I enjoy all that? Don’t be a stranger in this space. Some of us are fasting from social media but still love your blog. (I’m one of those who decided IG and FB equal poor mental hygiene–for me.)

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  2. naturesway4life says:

    Andie, I thought the outfit was very stylish. You? Well, you look beautiful. I especially loved the photo of you laying belly down on the bed, your facial features were gorgeous. I can say though, that I relate to you. Im pretty hard on myself and ehat’s worse is that Im so hard that compliments are not taken well. It can be hard to re-train the brain but its a work in progress.

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  3. Jennifer Brown says:

    Working on this myself. It’s easy as a blogger to become super critical of ourself I think. We don’t always like the photos we take because are posed wrong or are legs look wrong or our nose looks too big or something. And then the ones we do like we spend so much time editing that we slowly pick up part until at the end of it all we don’t like those either. :/

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