Act Three Apparel SS’17 Lookbook

Another amazing collection and lookbook

If you have been around here for awhile, then you are well aware that I have been working with Act Three Apparel for several years now; as a model and stylist for their AW’15 and 16 lookbooks and as a stylist for SS’16 and 17 lookbooks. Watching this label grow has been truly amazing. As soon as Sarah approached me with designs for the first collection I knew it would be loved by many of you and by my blogging/instagram pals and community. Aside from feeling a sense of pride for the brand, being able to meet some online friends that I maybe would never had the chance to meet, first Gaby Cetrulo for SS’16 and then Annika White for this collection, has been another wonderful part of this job.  Annika is beautiful, as you can see, and funny as heck. There is nothing I love more than a girl with an improbable doll-like disposition and a kick-ass personality. Annika was the perfect face for this collection and Danielle brought it together with her dreamy imagery and analogue prowess that make these lookbooks what they are.

Photographer: Danielle Suzanne
Model: Annika White
Stylist: Alex Spence (me hi!)
Art Direction: Sarah MarlandYou can find the collection at these spots.

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