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Most of my inspiration for dressing comes from the internet. That’s probably why I love blogging and sharing on instagram so much; putting my ideas out there and viewing other peoples ideas and constantly having a cycle of inspiration to draw from. And then every once in awhile I get inspiration from a totally random place, that seemingly appeared from nowhere. In this case, if I could find one (or two) words to describe my style recently it would be chic handyman. I’ve been wearing a lot of dungarees with belts, boxy button-downs layered over top of long sleeves and carpenter-style trousers, often with a femme-style shoe. Lately it just makes sense to me to mix feminine with masculine. Some days it’s equal in it’s fluidity and other days it leans more towards one side. While I have had times of dressing truly girly, I have never felt like a girly girl, but I have also never felt truly boy-ish. I guess my style often has a desire to stand outside gender norms. If a particular piece calls to me, I don’t want to ask myself why, but instead just accept that I feel something for it. Style is not so much a reflection of our personality, but of our desire to see ourselves outside of the beliefs we have about ourselves. We could dress in all the ways we wish we could be, or it can have no relation to anything at all.

Turtleneck: vintage Jacob | Trousers & Shirt c/o Samantha Pleet | shoes: vintage
OKAY ANDIE | Handy(wo)manOKAY ANDIE | Handy(wo)manOKAY ANDIE | Handy(wo)manOKAY ANDIE | Handy(wo)manOKAY ANDIE | Handy(wo)manOKAY ANDIE | Handy(wo)manOKAY ANDIE | Handy(wo)man

6 thoughts on “Handy(wo)man

  1. Eva says:

    I can I have missed your blog ? I mean, I follow you on instagram and I simply love your feed and everything, and I’ve just discovered your blog now.
    Anyway, I love your style!



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