Hello sweet one, and thank you for stopping by!

My name is Alexandra Spence, and I am the silly lady behind personal style/beauty/lifestyle blog, OKAY ANDIE. Along with running this space, I am also a freelance stylist, model, photographer and social media director living and working in Toronto.

OKAY ANDIE started solely as a vintage shop (under the name Larkspur Vintage until 2016) selling pieces ranging from 1920s-1990s with a blog used mostly for advertising the shop run by myself and friend Meaghan Kelly. Meaghan parted ways with Larkspur and with that came a direction change and more focus put towards the blog OKAY ANDIE itself. This space has become an entity of it’s own where you can find my personal style, which is mostly made up of secondhand and vintage clothes, beauty tips/tutorials, sneak peeks into my daily life, the places I travel to and all the things I love, which is mostly my bichon frise Gus.

All photos are taken by me with Nikon D3200 or Pentax K1000, unless otherwise noted.

Photo by Zach Rose