It’s Me!

OKAY ANDIE | It's MeOKAY ANDIE | It's MeHello, yes, i am still alive

Lately I have had the best intentions with this space, and the worst follow through. I’ve been taking pictures nearly every week of my outfits, but I never quite get around to writing up a blog post and I’ve certainly felt a lack in creativity when it comes to interesting content to share. I’m now working a job that is so similar to this (clothing, social media, blogging) that it kind of feels like it takes up all my creative energy. Maybe these are just excuses, but in a way I think I am just trying to figure out why something I so enjoyed doing before has now become an after thought. Most of my attention is paid to my instagram; it’s faster and it’s where I get most of my paid work…but time and money was never something this space was about. It still isn’t. But finding balance is difficult and so you have to choose what is most important and what needs your attention first. Continue reading

Becoming Ourselves

OKAY ANDIE | Becoming OurselvesOKAY ANDIE | Becoming Ourselvesis it possible?

I’ve been comparing myself to others a lot recently and it’s really bringing me down. It’s hard to find a balance between looking to others for inspiration and not letting yourself feel inadequate. I have this desire to really find my true personal style. I want to look to others for inspiration, but not be a direct reflection of that inspiration. How do we really find our true personal style? We are all unique, so there must be a way to share our uniqueness when it comes to style without it being filtered by what we think we should look like. I always get super excited when trying out new styles, becoming so immersed in those styles, and then finding that everything is a copy of a copy of a copy, and it becomes boring. Social media overwhelms us with all the possibilities and all the similarities, and it starts to feel like we don’t even know who we are anymore; we are all just copying each other in a way. And that’s when comparison kicks in. I want to move away from that, because it really makes me unhappy. I want to find a way to be inspired, but to still be me and not feel like someone else is doing it better. I want to feel like I have something to offer, but that is one of my biggest insecurities in all parts of my life.

I guess my mind was brought to this dilemma recently when re-watching Six Feet Under. If you are familiar, one of the main characters Claire, is in art school and her teacher is trying to explain to them that the art they are making is just a copy of their favourite artist and the reason it’s a copy is because they dislike themselves or they do not value themselves…and it got me thinking about how personal style is just the same. So how do we really dig deep into ourselves and figure out what is us, without our greatest inspiration constantly existing in the back of our minds? I don’t have an answer to this question, it’s something I am thinking a lot about lately as I try to navigate my way through feeling less like I don’t measure up and feeling like my most authentic (ugh, that word is so overused now lol) self.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to delve into this, get your opinions and thoughts. How do we become our most authentic selves when it comes to style and other aspects of our lives?

Blouse, Jeans and Swimsuit: secondhand via CS | Shoes c/o Public Desire (old, but they have many similar styles here | Purse: vintage
OKAY ANDIE | Becoming OurselvesOKAY ANDIE | Becoming OurselvesOKAY ANDIE | Becoming OurselvesOKAY ANDIE | Becoming OurselvesOKAY ANDIE | Becoming OurselvesOKAY ANDIE | Becoming OurselvesOKAY ANDIE | Becoming OurselvesOKAY ANDIE | Becoming Ourselves


OKAY ANDIE | Handy(wo)manOKAY ANDIE | Handy(wo)manLET’S TALK STYLE

Most of my inspiration for dressing comes from the internet. That’s probably why I love blogging and sharing on instagram so much; putting my ideas out there and viewing other peoples ideas and constantly having a cycle of inspiration to draw from. And then every once in awhile I get inspiration from a totally random place, that seemingly appeared from nowhere. Continue reading

The French Cuff

OKAY ANDIE | The French CuffOKAY ANDIE | The French CuffOKAY ANDIE | The French CuffBe still, my heart

For the longest time, I didn’t understand french cuffs…or rather, I didn’t understand how they could work for me. French cuffs seemed like something only fancy men would wear to a black tie event…or like Don Cherry. They seemed impractical and thus, useless to me. It wasn’t until this long-longsleeve trend started happening, that I started to look at french cuffs in a new light. I am certainly not wearing them how they were designed to be worn, but I am wearing them in a way that works for me. And so I’ve been trying to play with clothes in this way sometimes…wearing them not necessarily how they were intended but in a way that makes sense for me and adds interest to my outfits. I never truly got down with the minimalist trend that happened, but there is this new wave post-minimalism style that makes sense to me. It combines function and basic-ness with something more exciting…it’s like haute fashion for the normal people of this world, which is certainly me.

One of my followers on instagram asked me the other day how I would describe my style…and I was left a bit perplexed, because I often feel like I dress several different ways. Somedays it is romantic, with ruffles and bows and girly shit, other days very post-minimalist, sometimes it’s the simplicity of Parisian style, some days I’d describe it as “boy”, sometimes it is so reminiscent of the 70s…it’s all over the map, but there is something congruent about it all when I look at how it reflects my life. I’ve always wanted to fill my life with the things I love. Why can’t you have everything you want? And so my fashion often mirrors that sentiment…I love so many styles and am inspired by so many people that I just want to have it all when it comes to style. And really, that’s how it should be. Style doesn’t have to be defined and you should certainly only be dressing for yourself. If you don’t give a fuck about style then don’t give a fuck about it. And if you do care, show that you care, but only because it is truly something that matters to you and brings joy to your life.

Shirt, Trench, Handbag: vintage via CS | Overalls: vintage Jacob | Loafers: Nine West
OKAY ANDIE | The French CuffOKAY ANDIE | The French CuffOKAY ANDIE | The French CuffOKAY ANDIE | The French CuffOKAY ANDIE | The French CuffOKAY ANDIE | The French CuffOKAY ANDIE | The French CuffOKAY ANDIE | The French CuffOKAY ANDIE | The French Cuff

Act Three Apparel SS’17 Lookbook

Another amazing collection and lookbook

If you have been around here for awhile, then you are well aware that I have been working with Act Three Apparel for several years now; as a model and stylist for their AW’15 and 16 lookbooks and as a stylist for SS’16 and 17 lookbooks. Watching this label grow has been truly amazing. As soon as Sarah approached me with designs for the first collection I knew it would be loved by many of you and by my blogging/instagram pals and community. Aside from feeling a sense of pride for the brand, being able to meet some online friends that I maybe would never had the chance to meet, first Gaby Cetrulo for SS’16 and then Annika White for this collection, has been another wonderful part of this job.  Annika is beautiful, as you can see, and funny as heck. There is nothing I love more than a girl with an improbable doll-like disposition and a kick-ass personality. Annika was the perfect face for this collection and Danielle brought it together with her dreamy imagery and analogue prowess that make these lookbooks what they are.

Photographer: Danielle Suzanne
Model: Annika White
Stylist: Alex Spence (me hi!)
Art Direction: Sarah MarlandYou can find the collection at these spots.