Halloween and Autumn Home Touches

Larkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home Toucheslet the gourd times roll

As I mentioned a few posts back, this time last year – and during most of the festive season – I was just moving into a new apartment, and to make the move go a little more smoothly I had rid myself of a lot of the stuff I owned that just felt like dead weight. Because of that, I didn’t really get to make my home feel festive during Halloween or Christmas last year, so this year I really wanted to make my place feel cozy, inviting and somewhere that made me truly happy. Today I thought I’d share a few Halloween and Autumnal bits and pieces from around my home. I pretty well got all these decorations from the dollar store, so for those of you who don’t really want to spend a ton on festive decorations (which is totally reasonable), you can find some pretty cute  and great things for real cheap at your local dollar store.Larkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home Touches

Things I Like / 2

Larkspur Vintage | Things I Like #2favourites roundup!

Well, it’s been a good while since I last shared some of my current favourites with you lot, so I figured it was due time I do another little roundup of some stuff I’m into or have been doing. So let’s get to it, shall we?!

Larkspur Vintage | Things I Like #2

Larkspur Vintage | I Like These #2TAKE NOTE.

For the better part of my life I’ve been writing. Before I started this blog I had another blog, sort of like an online diary – very different from this space – where I would write a ton. Before that, I had a LiveJournal, and before that, an actual diary. I’ve never really considered myself a writer, but I’ve always written. However, since starting this space several years ago I don’t write near as much. Well, I do write, actually, a lot, but it’s not the same type of writing. So I have recently made an effort to put actual pen to paper and write just a few sentences on a single page, whenever a thought comes to mind. I’ve been enjoying it so far, so hopefully I keep up with it. Not sure what I’ll do with it…maybe share it one day…

Larkspur Vintage | I Like These #2disco fever

I mean, it is certainly no secret that I love all things 70s – the fashion, the music, the dancing – and I grew up watching Saturday Night Fever/Staying Alive, so it’s a bit weird that I didn’t jump right into watching The Get Down as soon as it came out. It should have been an obvious choice for me – Baz Luhrmann and disco meets hiphop? Yes please! Anyway, I did get into it, and I fell in love with it. It’s theatrical, fast paced and brilliant the way you’d expect anything to be with Baz Luhrmann’s name on it. If you’re looking for something new to watch, I highly suggest it. The fashion alone will pull you in.


Larkspur Vintage | I Like These #2Bath time

Certainly another unsurprising thing for me… baths! But, since it’s been Summer, I haven’t really been taking many the way I did in the previous colder months. I mean, who really wants to get into a warm bath when you are sweating? However, theres been a bit of reprieve from the humidity and heat since September began, so I decided  to get back into my bath routine, and ahhh how I missed it! I usually light some candles (nice smelling ones if I have them on hand), add some Lush products (which I am running very low on now) and put on something I really enjoy watching (which is usually YouTube or a current show I am into). If I’m having a bad day, this is one of my go-tos. It never ceases to make me feel better.

Larkspur Vintage | Things I Like #2

Larkspur Vintage | I Like These #2sorbet nails

I’m going to be honest, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish does not work as well as it purports to. It claims to be more chip-resistant than regular nail polish with it’s no light gel system and top coat, but my nails definitely chipped the day after applying. But, whatever, I’m not a stickler for that sort of thing (maybe you are though)…colour matters more to me, and these two colours, Malibu Peach and Electra Cute are gorgeous! The color pay off is great with only two coats and it’s getting me out of my red nail polish comfort zone. Not sure that I will continue to buy this polish the way I do with OPI and Essie, but I def am into the shades, so we shall see.

Larkspur Vintage | I Like These #2butter me up

I am absolutely a NYX convert. Everything I have received or purchased from them I have loved. And bonus, you can buy at the drugstore, which is important to me since I don’t live close to any department stores or high street makeup shops and don’t enjoy trekking somewhere just to buy makeup…but I digress. Since I loved the NYX Butter Gloss so much, I decided to try out their Butter Lipstick in the shade Fizzies and it’s the perfect thing for every day wear. It keeps my lips feeling hydrated while adding a little life to them. Definitely would recommend if matte lipsticks are too drying for you, but you don’t love glosses.

Pillow Talk

Larkspur Vintage | Kilim Pillow TalkAfter ridding myself of a ton of things during my last move, I’ve made it a point to only purchase and have things in my home that I really need and love. It may feel a bit bare (except for my closets…that’s another scary story!), but I’d rather accumulate things over time that I really care for, rather than just trying to fill up the space with whatever, as soon as possible. In the last year my attachment to things has changed quite significantly. It could just be growing, aesthetics changing and feeling less need to hang onto every bit and bob I’ve had for years, but I began to realize how freeing it felt to not be weighed down by things. And I realize how very now and trendy that sounds, but after moving so many times in my life, it is truly anxiety inducing to see how much you have collected in just a year…but I digress.

Receiving this Kilim pillow from Sarah who runs The Wanderly – a shop filled with well-crafted goods, both local and from around the world – felt like the perfect example of finding things for my home that I really love, fit aesthetically, while also serving a purpose. This colourful, woven Turkish pillow has been a great head rest, foot rest, and of course, dog rest. It’s got the Gus seal of approval, so you know it’s good.

PJ set: J Crew (old, but here are others) | Kilim pillow c/o The Wanderly
Larkspur Vintage | Kilim Pillow TalkLarkspur Vintage | Kilim Pillow Talkwanderlypillow (3 of 6)Larkspur Vintage | Kilim Pillow TalkLarkspur Vintage | Kilim Pillow TalkLarkspur Vintage | Kilim Pillow Talk

Inspiring Interiors / Pastels

Larkspur Vintage | Pastel InteriorsI’ve been very inspired by bright and airy pastel interiors lately, and while I’d love for my home to be as lovely as all of these, realistically it probably won’t happen any time in the near future…these places seem like they took a lot of time and effort and thought and patience, which are all things I would only reserve for when I own my own home or have found a place that I want to spend more than a year or two at…it’s just not worth the effort otherwise. But that doesn’t mean I can’t constantly be searching for inspiration (through pinterest, of course) and dreaming up my imaginary home, filled with pastels and whites, quirky details, and of course plenty of vintage.

Are you into pastel interiors as well? Let me know in the comments below.
Larkspur Vintage | Pastel InteriorsLarkspur Vintage | Pastel Interiorse79d1f49555665c938b57e943649c0f9Larkspur Vintage | Pastel InteriorsLarkspur Vintage | Pastel InteriorsGOODHOMES PASTEL CHAIRLarkspur Vintage | Pastel InteriorsLarkspur Vintage | Pastel InteriorsWatermarked Photo-14Larkspur Vintage | Pastel InteriorsLarkspur Vintage | Pastel Interiors*sources: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19

Home Sweet Home / Organizing The Bedroom

As I had mentioned in a previous post, Ryan and I have been reorganizing our apartment in true Spring form. I guess you never fully saw my bedroom before we moved things, save for some style posts where I was in my bedroom (here, here, here, here, here, here and here), so you have nothing to really compare it to, but I can assure you things are looking up. One of my main goals was to have my clothes that need hanging to be a bit more organized, so that I actually know what I own. The truly unfortunate thing about our apartment is that we have one closet, and it’s in the livingroom (stupid, I know.). We do have some storage in the basement, shared with one of our neighbours, but we mostly keep things that we have no space for down there (ie, my boxes of vintage for my shop). So as you can guess, our closet was a disaster. It was a storage/my clothing closet…a true mess of a space. It was so disorganized, I hated opening it to get clothes out of it. Obviously my clothes are really important to me, and having a closet that is organized and showcases the things I own in a clean and presentable way is super important to me. So, I decided my only option, if I wanted to have things my way, was to get a clothing rack. Now, I actually have two metal, basically industrial sized racks for when I do vintage pop-ups, but those were way too big for our bedroom. I ended buying this shit one from Walmart which I’m afraid will probably topple over in the near future, which means I probably need to head to Ikea to get a more sturdy one, but for the time being it works and eases my anal mind (ha, she said anal). Now I can actually see my clothes and know what I own so that I can wear them. This obviously isn’t the entirety of our bedroom, I really don’t feel it’s ready for a room tour at this point, I’m still looking to get us a new bed frame because I threw out our old one, and Ryan’s side of the room needs a bit of work (yes, we have sides…clothing side, guitar side. ha!). So hopefully one day I’ll be able to share our bedroom with you. For now you’ll have to deal with this.