Grammy Dress

I refer to this dress as my Grammy (like Grandma…not the music awards) dress. It’s 80s does 40s which is probably why it’s so appealing to me. I don’t much care for 80s fashion except when it’s pretending to be a different era. The reason I call it my Grammy dress is I feel like in it’s heyday it was worn –  but I suspect it wasn’t exactly a “stylish” dress – and then when 80s fashion was passe it got ignored and sent to a thrift store, not being seen for what it really was and to become just another 80s misfit. It has the characteristics of 80s awfulness -.big gaudy flowers, sort of shapeless when on a hanger, the midi length, big shoulders…a perfect mix for a big ol’ pass when browsing a shop, and most likely something most young people would ignore entirely. But I fell in love with the colours, and I love a good midi length dress in the summer that I can just slip on and go about my day, so I gave it a shot and was even more pleased when it seemed to be my size. I really believe you can make almost any article of clothing work if it is styled right. Sometimes you have to give the misfits and Grammies of the world a chance to prove themselves…they may just surprise the heck out of you.

What about you guys? Do you have any misfit or Grammy clothes?
Dress: thrifted vintage
Boots: Samantha Pleet x Wolverine

Shop Update

Happy Thursday everyone! As per usual, we have added 6 new items to the shop today.  The floral jumper is so 90’s/awesome, we really hope to see it got to a new home! And the houndstooth tap shorts?! Too adorable!  It pains me that they are not in my size!


1990’s Floral Floor-Length Jumper

button up

1990’s Scribble Print Button-Up


1990’s Bell Sleeve Knit Pullover


1990’s Khaki High-Waisted Bermuda Shorts

tap shorts

1980’s Black and White Houndstooth Tap Shorts


1990’s Navy A-Line Button Up Skirt

We hope everyone has a lovely and relaxing holiday weekend! Happy Easter!

Shop Update


Novelty Whale Print High Waisted Skirt

We added some more Spring/Easter fun to the shop today! This includes a high waisted skirt with the most charming whale print, delicate pastels and some items from the 80’s, 50’s and 30’s.

If you are having weather like us here in Toronto, then everything is probably pretty grey, but I think any of these items would add some much needed colour to these dreary days!


Pastel Pink Pin-Stripe Wraparound Skirt


1980’s High-Waisted Tulip Skirt


Handmade Yellow Plaid Sleeveless Blouse


1930’s Re-purposed Plaid Peplum Blouse


1950’s Pistachio Green Day Dress