Merry Christmas To You & Yours



DSC_0497Just wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from me and my little family today! Gertie was not a fan of this photo idea — while Gus could be the most easy going dog, Gertie was certain me putting the Santa hat on her was some form of torture, and imminently knocked the hat off her head and hid under a table. I know her well enough to know the whole thing was not going to happen with her after that. So, just me and Santa Gus, and little Trudy in spirit (not really, she’s giving me serious death glare right now).


Larkspur Birthday Sale

birthday sale

Tis’ me 25th Birthday today! To celebrate this occasion, everything in the shop is 15% off until Monday, July 15th. Just enter HEYIM25 upon checkout to receive your discount.

I just got back from a massage and crazy water circuit spa, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. And tonight I will be dining at my favourite pizza joint, devouring tiramisu, and maybe sip a couple glasses of wine.

Enjoy your weekend! Mine will be spent jumping off cliffs at Elora Gorge, and cooking up some veggie dogs and marshmallows at a beach time bonfire!


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Everyday is like Sunday


It took a very long time for me to find a place in Toronto that I could call home. When I moved here 6 years ago, it took me about 2 years to stop going back to Ottawa so regularly to get my fix of “home”. I have moved six times since re-locating to Toronto. I couldn’t stay put for one reason or another – room mates leaving, unpleasant apartments etc. I’m now in a place that I love, that feels like mine, because it is only mine (and Gus’ of course).

DSC_0960DSC_0992DSC_1000DSC_0934DSC_0922DSC_0945DSC_0944DSC_1022DSC_1017Dress: from a bundle of vintage clothes a work friend let me sift through (some of which will be hitting the shop this week!)

This and That










  • I acquired quite a number of new things recently…mostly from Kira’s moving sale (Kira, you will always be an Everglady).
  • Gus still doesn’t know how he feels about the camera (yes he does, its called hate). I point the thing in his face anyway, so I guess I’m a bad mom.
  • My kitchen walls are bare. Exactly 4 plates came crashing down from the walls, probably one a day for 4 days. The first one should have been an indication, but I’m far too hopeful, and maybe not as handy as I thought.
  • There needs to be more Bichon figurines and or anything to do with Bichons, in this world. If you know of any, shoot em my way!

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Ever Upward


These photos are from a few weeks ago, when Matt and I took a stroll in the ravine. At the time I was being silly, and enjoying such a beautiful day by frolicking barefoot in the forest. The following day my skin formed some sweet little rashes, along with the urge to scratch my skin off. I was kicking myself for thinking I could just lie in random bushes and grass without considering my very sensitive ginger skin (I don’t actually regret it). Luckily, it was not poison ivy.  Phew!

As for this past weekend, Meaghan and I went thrifting for the shop at a movie clothing sale they put on every couple months at some of the film studios here in Toronto. We brought Kira and our friend John along with us. The vintage goods weren’t exactly on the cheap side, but we did come back with some pretty amazing things that weren’t out of our budget. We are keeping them hidden away until we shoot our lookbook because they are that good!

This coming Sunday, my friend Alvin (one of the most talented dancers I have ever had the pleasure to dance alongside) asked us to participate in his benefit show for his upcoming stage production. Alvin and Hayle’s piece is about teens growing up in the 1940’s – a coming of age story, if you will. We provided some of our vintage for a photo shoot they had a couple months ago. And this time around, he asked us to have a little pop-up at the benefit. We will be there, along with some crazy talented dancers in Toronto. If your Sunday is free, come visit us, see some cool dancing and maybe bid on some stuff at the silent auction.
















vintage dress, handmade hair bow

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