Haul / Makeup & Skincare

Larkspur VintageA couple weeks ago (and some, months ago) I picked up some new skincare and makeup products, and I thought I would share a wee haul with you because that’s fun, isn’t it?! I always like seeing what other bloggers and vloggers have picked up, so I figured maybe you would too.
Larkspur VintageMario Badescu The Moisture Magnet  this moisturizer is really mean’t for mature skin, which I don’t have, but what drew me to it was the SPF 15 sunscreen and vitamin E oil included. Being a ginger, my skin is very susceptible to sunburns, and I often forget to put any sunscreen on my face before applying makeup, however, I always apply moisturizer before makeup, so it’s the perfect product to use on days when I know I will be out in the sun for a long while. I wouldn’t recommend using this product everyday. I find the consistency to be somewhat thick and greasy, although I have found I just apply a bit less than I would with a normal moisturizer and it works just fine. It’s also a great base for my foundation.
Larkspur VintageF21 Mega Color Stick – I’ve always been intrigued by lip crayons, so I finally decided to pick one up when I was browsing F21. The shade I picked is Tigerlily which is a lovely coral shade, perfect for the Summer. I think I will always prefer a true lipstick, but I like this crayon because it’s easy and quick to apply. With lipstick I always apply a liner first and then fill in my lips, so it takes longer, but with this crayon it acts as a liner all on it’s own. I can get the desired shape for my lips in seconds and be good to go. This stick is long wearing, but I do find it gets a little cakey if you apply more coats throughout the day. I might not repurchase it after I’m done with it, but I would definitely look into a similar product from another brand. I will also note that after the second day of purchasing this, the lip product snapped off. I was able to shove it back in and can still use it, but sort of shitty quality…however it’s F21, I don’t necessarily think of them as quality queens.
Larkspur VintageF21 Multi-Hue Shadow Palette – What drew me to this shadow palette was mostly the packaging, and then of course the shades. I’m not entirely impressed with it…again, F21. Unless I use an eye primer before applying my shadow, it doesn’t really go on well. The colors look incredibly pigmented, but when applied they don’t really come out that way. Also, the brush that is included is absolutely terrible, so if you do purchase this palette, make sure to have proper brushes. I don’t necessarily dislike this product, like I mentioned, if I use a primer it works pretty well, but I feel as though I could have picked up a few eye shadows from say, the drug store at around the same price, and been much happier with them.
Larkspur VintageBourjois 123 Perfect Foundation – For a long while I had just been using a BB cream instead of foundation, but because I was feeling crazy and wanting to try something new, I picked up this foundation. This product claims to have 3 correcting pigments – yellow pigments that conceal dark circles, mauve pigments to correct dullness and green pigments to help with redness. Redness is really my main issue, but all the other pigment corrections seem like they couldn’t hurt. This product feels a little bit drying and goes on matte, in my opinion – much different than a BB cream. However, the coverage is excellent and goes on great with a base of moisturizer. It doesn’t take too long to buffer into the skin which I like. I’m not sure if I would repurchase, I’ve been wanting to try NARS sheer glow foundation, so that will probably be my next purchase, but I would recommend this product.
Larkspur VintageEssie Meet Me at Sunset –  I am an essie addict. I just love the product! When it comes to nail polish, I’m really just a red nail gal through and through. I do use other muted shades sometimes, like light grey, blush or mint green, but when I want something bold, it’s always red. So, you can imagine I have many different shades of red polishes by essie. My favourite shades of red are always with orange undertones. I really don’t like reds with pink undertones for some reason. So when I found this shade that had a very distinct orange tone, almost more so than red, I knew I had to have it. If you have not ever used an essie polish, I highly suggest it. The shades are always excellently pigmented so you don’t need a ton of coats (I always apply two), and it’s quick drying even though it doesn’t really claim to be. The only thing I have an issue with is it chips pretty quickly, sometimes even the following day. But, that could be fixed with a simple top coat.
Larkspur VintageWildcraft Bergamot Rose Toner – This spray toner is one of the most refreshing and lovely toners I have ever used (and it’s made in Toronto! woo!) I had never used a spray toner before, and I really enjoy it. It’s a nice product that you could bring in your purse to spray on after a workout (or in my case, dance rehearsal). I use this toner every morning after I have washed my face and before I apply my moisturizer. If you’re looking for a toner, I would highly suggest this, and the price is honestly a steal. I bought the 120ml bottle (full size) at only $20 over a month ago and I’m not even close to half way through it. Would recommend, 100%!
Larkspur VintageF21 Strawberry Milkshare Lip Balm (sold out, but here is another cute one) – There is not much to say about this lipbalm. It’s a tiny milkshake, which is adorable and the only reason I bought it. I’m not a huge lipbalm fan, unless it is a soothing lipbalm (like a chapstick), then I don’t really care for it. I don’t really see the point in lipbalm unless it has healing properties. I mean, nice smelling things are cool, but they have no pigment really…so what’s the point? Anyways, this lipbalm is cute, so I didn’t hold my lipbalm disdain against it.

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Haul / Beauty & Housewares

Maybe it’s the refreshing feeling Spring brings, but I’ve been on a bit of a beauty/houseware kick lately. It seems I am getting more excited about buying makeup and skin/hair care products rather than clothes, and organizing/cleaning my home and welcoming cute wares into our abode. So I thought I’d share a few things I picked up recently.
I recently picked up Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment with avocado from the Kiehl’s store in Yorkdale Mall (a big ol’ mall in Toronto). I have a tough time justifying a more expensive purchase for a skincare product if I haven’t heard a recommendation or haven’t tried it myself (ie, a sample), but I had heard some good things about this eye cream, and I was looking for an under eye treatment product, so I picked this up and I love it. It may be a little pricey, but it will last a long while, so, well worth the money in the end. I’ve only been using it a few days now, so I don’t have much to report, but I do love using it as a morning product. The avocado sort of helps wake me up, and it’s a nice base for my under eye concealer.
Value Village is one of my favourite places to find houseware goodies. Sometimes there is absolute shit, and other times there are some real gems. This time I found some gems in the way of 4 little colourful bowls and this adorable teapot/kettle hybrid. I actually don’t know what it is (which is embarassing), the wooden handle confuses me. I originally thought it was a kettle, but then when I got home I thought maybe it’s a teapot. To be honest, it’s making me feel like an idiot that I don’t know what it is. Someone, if you know, please enlighten me! LOLA new makeup bag!! I had been using the same disgusting (read: old) makeup bag for quite a long while. So while I was waiting for a prescription at the drug store to be ready, I walked over to H&M for a wee browse. Now I don’t really like many of the clothes in H&M, at least, not the way I used to, but I do get quite excited about their accessories and this makeup bag immediately caught my eye because of, you guessed it, pink! There isn’t much to it, just a zipper and the inside, but it’s pink, it’s clean and it’s new, so I’m a happy camper.
While Ryan and I were in Yorkdale Mall, we also headed into Bath and Body Works to pick up some wallflower fragrances because our home was starting to smell of big stinky dog breath (ie, Beans). Bath and Body Works is a dangerous place for me – scents and candles everywhere! This body wash/bath foam immediately caught my eye. I swear, anything that says stress relief I’m like a moth to a flame. If you know me on a personal level, then you know how stressed out I can become (I sometimes talk about it on here), so anything that says it will help with stress, even if it is a stupid gimmick, I’m usually intrigued by. This body wash is with eucalyptus and spearmint, which sounds like soothing properties. I’ve used it a few times now and so has Ryan, and we both quite like it.You might be shocked to know that I really don’t use any products in my hair, like at all. I shampoo and condition, and that’s it. But when I was in MTL, Kristen had the Fructis Marvelous Oil in her cabinet, so after I washed my hair I gave it a go and the silky difference in my hair was so apparent I knew when I got back to Toronto I had to buy it. And buy it I did. I also picked up Fructis Triple Nutrition Double Care which I spray on my hair while it’s damp and it helps with tangles. The downside to having long hair is it tangles so easily, like dreadlocks style. I’m loving both these products. The oil helps my hair dry faster and leaves it feeling silky and the spray helps to make brushing my hair a less painful experience.
Candles!! Bath and Body Works has amazing smelling candles. I really like the Lemon Mint Leaf one and Ryan liked the Eucalyptus Mint, so I got one of each.There is a vintage/antique shop called Ransack The Universe really close to our home, and the last few weekends we have walked passed it on our way to get donuts and coffee from TBC Vegan Bakery. They usually have some furniture strategically placed outside on the sidewalk so as to force you to look at all the neat stuff they have without even having to go inside. Well, each time I walked passed I noticed a little light blush pink end table that so perfectly matched the colour of my kitchen table. So after about the 4th time of seeing it, I finally gave in and headed to the shop on Monday to see if it was still for sale. And now here it is, looking lovely as ever in my livingroom. I’m especially excited about it because our livingroom is very “Ryan”, which is fine, but it’s nice having some girlyness added to it.
I actually picked up this perfume oil while I was in MTL 3 weeks ago. My usual scent is Daisy by Marc Jacobs, but I ran out of it and I’m looking to get a Chloe perfume next, but when Kristen and I were browsing a shop (which I can’t remember the name of now) we found these perfume oils by Dot & Lil and I fell in love with the vanilla scent. I’ve never used a perfume oil before, but I quite like it. It seems longer lasting and I can also get whiffs of myself throughout the day, which I like. It’s also an added bonus that this perfume oil can be used in a diffuser in the home, so you could also have your home smelling of delicious vanilla – double whammy of goodness.