Birthday Surprises!

Larkspur Vintage | BirthdayYesterday I turned 27. It is strange to think I am now in my late 20s, and only 3 years away from 30. Does anyone else ever feel like they are perpetually 19 years old? I probably look it, at the very least.
On Friday evening I was surprised by Meaghan with a picnic in the park, filled with the sweetest pals, stringed balloons and tiki lanterns, the most amazing spread of food, candles, music, a floral birthday crrown and the best of all, Kristen. I had no idea Kristen would be coming down for my birthday, so of course I cried and basically pummelled her over with my hug. It was such a wonderful surprise, and nice to be on the receiving end this time (a couple years ago I surprised Kristen for her birthday). My friends are truly wonderful people and I’m pretty lucky to have them. A birthday that will not be soon forgotten ❤
Larkspur Vintage | BirthdayLarkspur Vintage | BirthdayLarkspur Vintage | BirthdayLarkspur Vintage | BirthdayLarkspur Vintage | Birthday

Larkspur Birthday Sale

birthday sale

Tis’ me 25th Birthday today! To celebrate this occasion, everything in the shop is 15% off until Monday, July 15th. Just enter HEYIM25 upon checkout to receive your discount.

I just got back from a massage and crazy water circuit spa, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. And tonight I will be dining at my favourite pizza joint, devouring tiramisu, and maybe sip a couple glasses of wine.

Enjoy your weekend! Mine will be spent jumping off cliffs at Elora Gorge, and cooking up some veggie dogs and marshmallows at a beach time bonfire!


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