s_7_1024x1024Brooklyn based retail store Swords Smith just released this stunning editorial shot by Hannah Metz and styled/modeled by Emily Theobald, which I happened upon because I follow both these ladies on instagram and originally their respective blogs (that are now sort of defunct). I have such respect for both these women and their talents. I pretty much love anything either of them produce, and this editorial is no exception. The styling is so on point, which doesn’t surprise me because Emily is one of my favourite stylists – she can adapt to any style seamlessly while remaining true to her vision. It’s always an added bonus when she models her looks as well because she is one of the most photogenic women, ever. As for Hannah, she has been a long time favourite of mine, both for her sartorial choices and her photography. This particular editorial feels different from any work I have seen of hers and just like Emily, proves her ability adapt to any style that comes her way. The white background mixed with bright patterns and lush colours is what sold me straight away. The whole vibe feels very 70s psychedelic while remaining modern, easy going and totally in line with today’s trends. Love love love.
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The Fortress of Solitude


I am currently reading The Fortress of SolitudeMatt is something of a librarian to me. He has quite a substantial collection of books, and every time I finish one, I ask his opinion on the next book I should read from his collection. This is a blessing and a curse. Blessing because I always have tons of books at my fingertips, and someone who has great taste to recommend them to me. Curse because I never actually end up buying my own books. So while I have read probably hundreds upon hundreds of novels, I only own about 1-2 single shelves of them. I love books, I wish my apartment was filled from floor to ceiling with them, but I find it hard to cough up the money to buy a book I have already read. There are few books I will read more than once. So it seems unreasonable to purchase a novel I will never end up opening again. It’s silly though, I will purchase knick knacks for my apartment that serve no real purpose other than to decorate my shelves and windowsills. What’s the difference really?

The Fortress of Solitude’s opening is set on Dean St. in Brooklyn. For whatever reason this alleyway brought me there. I could picture this alley being somewhat like Dean St. Filled with children playing with their Spaldeens, and singing songs with subject matter much to mature for their age. A place that may be slum-like in appearance, but is warmed by children’s laughter, and imaginary games.

















Shirt: Larkspur
Skort: Larkpur
Cardigan: thrifted vintage
Socks: Matts
Shoes: Seychelles
Bow Tie: TLO