buck + coppice

DSC_1852Being a candle enthusiast, I’ve made candles dozens of time before but they never really smell the way I want…meaning they don’t really smell much at all. So when I find handmade candles, I’m always quite impressed when the scent is comparative to big brand store candles, only it’s so much more special because someone has handcrafted each candle themselves, perfecting the product with love and care, in a way that only locally handmade products can be – there is just no comparison.

Brennan Michael is a new line of handmade candles made right here in Toronto. They have just released their first scent, buck + coppice which I can honestly say smells amazing. It’s the perfect candle for these cold days spent indoors. Brennan is an old pal of mine – I met him when I first moved to Toronto around 7 years ago. While we haven’t kept in touch very well, he did reach out to me when he had released his first scent to see if I’d like to give it a try. Of course I said a big ol’ yes and thought it would be fun to style the candle for some holiday-esque photos.

You can find Brennan Michael candles stocked in a few stores here in Toronto, and for those far from Toronto, you can buy online as well.

Merry Christmas Eve friends!