New Goodies at Larkspur

DSC_10801960’s inspired buttery yellow peter pan collar blouse

Again, I had a wee hiatus with shop updates, but we are back with some very lovely pieces, indeed. All items are still perfect for this chilly season, and some great for the warmer months to come. I’m also offering a discount on everything in the shop, from today until Thursday, Feb. 13th (one week!!!). Enter coupon code WINTERGTFO to receive 15% off your order.

Come by the shop today, I’d love to have you!

DSC_10551980’s novelty print button up

DSC_11221970’s handmade midi length tunic dress

DSC_11051970’s pumpkin orange wool & mohair knit cardigan

DSC_11711960’s high waisted wool tartan skirt

Shop Update

Over the weekend we did some thrifting and found some great items to put in the shop over the coming weeks. We are pretty excited about the 6 new additions we have added today, including my grandmother’s plaid vest from her teens, the most comfortable/flattering fishermen’s knit pullover and some pretty cool blouses.


1950’s Plaid Vest


1980’s Striped T-shirt Dress


1990’s Grey Floral Blouse


Beige Fishermen’s Knit Pullover


Handmade 1960’s style Peter Pan Collar Blouse


1980’s Blue and Black Cardigan