The writings on the wall


I thought I’d share with you some of the goodies I have accumulated over the years that I have hanging on my walls. Since I live in a bachelor apartment, I’ve always found it difficult to figure out where to hang things (I have a lot). Since the living and sleeping space exist within the same walls, it’s hard to make each space feel like it’s own. In my case, it just ends up being a hell of a lot of frames and clothing scattered on the walls. I hate it at times, because if I did have my own bedroom, the vision I have for both it and my living room would be much easier to execute. But, c’est la vie. Toronto rent is not kind to singles, and I shouldn’t really complain because I have a very large bachelor (the best kitchen!). Since my apartment is ever changing and the places my things go move around a bunch, I thought I’d just share a few of them, instead of the whole.











1. An amazing 1920’s camisole I got from Lawrence. It’s pretty delicate, so I have only worn it for photo shoot purposes. But it’s so lovely, I couldn’t bare to have it not be seen.
2. The frame in the middle I found on the street outside an art gallery. I guess it was too busted up for them, but not for I. It’s so beautiful, and fun because I can switch up whatever things I like to hang in it.
3. Christopher Plummer. A birthday gift from Meaghan. Why? Have you seen him in The Sound of Music? I’ll forever be attracted to him because of that, and the Beginners.

4. Dried flowers, because why not.
5. Found this frame with the other one, more things to put inside.
6. A lovely nightgown found at Public Butter. I slept and lounged in it for quite awhile, but soon realized it was just too delicate (rips, eep!), so also another wall friend.
7. Clinique Cheron. I found it at Salvation Army and knew it was mean’t for me. Red hair, the best vintage dress, cats & dogs. Pretty much sums up my life.
8. An illustration from this wicked Christian book of contemporary art. I’m by no means religious, but the illustrations are so creepy and so great, I couldn’t pass the book up.
9. Floral needle point love. Found in Elora.
10. A little friend from Meaghan.
11. My newest member(s). Public Butter (again). It has a twin, with different outfits and different dance moves.


Elora Gorge


I have to say, my birthday (weekend) was pretty much perfect. A few of the pals and I drove out to the small town of Elora – which by the way is such a sweet little town – to swim and spend the day at the their tremendous quarry. Elora Gorge kind of took my breath away, in ways I did not expect it to. There were so many people there, and while that could have felt incredibly overwhelming, the quarry was so vast you felt like you were on your own. One of the highlights for me was swimming out to the far cliffs and standing on the rocky ledges of the walls, having water trickle down from above.

I must admit, I am a little terrified of open waters. Not knowing what is beneath my feet gives me incredible anxiety. But I could have spent the entire day in there (if only treading water didn’t make me feel like I would eventually sink to the bottom like a human anchor).

All of Saturday made me really excited for the camping trip Matt and I have planned next week. I’ve been so busy for I don’t know how long, my mind is screaming for days away from computer screens, phones, schedules, rehearsals and just plain ol’ city life. The silence and stars will be a welcome change. Being able to see the stars, who would of thought that would become such a rare occurrence in my life.

DSC_0063DSC_0036DSC_0043DSC_0038DSC_0039DSC_0042DSC_0032DSC_0033DSC_0049Swim suit: Topshop
Sunglasses: Philistine