Outfit: Mucha Feelings

Larkspur Vintage | Outfit: Mucha FeelingsLarkspur Vintage | Outfit: Mucha FeelingsIf you follow me on instagram, then you probably know I’ve been pretty sick recently, which sort of explains the radio silence around here – it’s been a whole lot of pyjamas and no makeup (and re-watching Grey’s Anatomy forever and always, amen.) around these parts . However, a truly exceptional dress by a favourite designer has a way of making you feel way less sick…or in my case, just look less sick. I don’t own many dresses that give me a very specific feeling, but this one makes me feel like I just stepped out of a Pre-Raphaelite painting, which is a much better feeling to have than the clogged ears, irritated eyes, stuffy nose feelings I am currently existing with. Another great feeling (today is all about feelings, ok!) is being able to offer $50 off this gem of a dress with the code larkspurholidays. Every holiday season Nina offers some awesome discounts on many of her designs, which is a great way to get some of her off-season products you’ve had your eye on at a much reduced price. Happy Holidays, friends. Spread those good feelings ❤Larkspur Vintage | Outfit: Mucha FeelingsLarkspur Vintage | Outfit: Mucha FeelingsLarkspur Vintage | Outfit: Mucha FeelingsLarkspur Vintage | Outfit: Mucha FeelingsLarkspur Vintage | Outfit: Mucha FeelingsDress c/o Family Affairs
Shoes: Seychelles (old)
Tights c/o Tabbisocks

Sound and Vision

Larkspur Vintage | Sound and VisionLarkspur Vintage | Sound and VisionI own a lot of dresses that are quite special to me. Most of them are vintage (which I’m sure is easy to figure out why a vintage dress would be special) but a few of them are new. Within that lot are two dresses from Family Affairs, one of which – the Sound and Vision dress – I recently received and quickly knew would be just as well loved as my previous dress from them. Family Affairs has been one of my favourite independent labels for years now, before I even started this blog. There is something special to be found in every piece designed by Nina. Whether that be an adorable illustrated print, a forward thinking cut, subtle yet smart detailing, there is no piece you will receive that won’t feel wholly unique.
Larkspur Vintage | Sound and VisionLarkspur Vintage | Sound and VisionLarkspur Vintage | Sound and VisionEvery summer Nina and the Family Affairs gang hold the Midsummer Dream Treats sale, an annual sale where each day they offer a surprise style at a reduced price. Starting today until July 29th you will find something awesome at a low cost so you can get your little mitts on them without making your pockets cry (can pockets cry?!). I’m happy to kick off the sale with the Sound and Vision dress, which is now 40% off it’s current reduced price. To receive your discount enter the code midsummerdreamtreat1 at checkout. Be sure to keep a look out on Family Affairs insta, FB and Twitter so you can stay up to date on the daily sales presented by some pretty stellar people.Larkspur Vintage | Sound and VisionLarkspur Vintage | Sound and VisionLarkspur Vintage | Sound and VisionLarkspur Vintage | Sound and VisionDress c/o Family Affairs
Clutch: Aldo
Shoes: Seychelles
Headband: F21
*photos by Ryan

Beauty / Think Pink

Larkspur VintageThis was originally going to be a tutorial for the makeup I’m wearing, but the weather was so shit (i use natural light…another reminder that I desperately need a lighting kit), it was just not bright enough out to get clear, good quality photos. So, I just went with it, as you do when things don’t go as planned.Larkspur VintageLarkspur VintageLarkspur VintagePink is my favourite color (I’m sure you guessed that already), so it only felt natural to create a totally pink look to go with this new dress I received from Family Affairs (don’t worry, you’ll get a full outfit post of this gem soon). I covered my lids in a pretty shimmery pink and white shadow, did away with my normal cat liner for something more subtle, used a rosey blusher on my cheeks, gave my lips a nice pop of peach, and swiped some pink and mint on my nails for added cheery effect.Larkspur VintageLarkspur VintageIt only makes sense when creating a sweetly feminine (I use that term loosely, because what does feminine really look like anyway?) look, that I’d pair all pink with my rag curls (tutorial here) tied into a high ponytail and topped off with a matching hair bow. A fun look that I’m considering wearing for my birthday this weekend ❤Larkspur Vintage*Dress c/o Family Affairs; Bow vintage via Victory Mills

Doggy Paddle

Larkspur VintageDays spent at the beach with friends and dogs are always the best of days, even if it’s a less than desirable beach. Although, I will never judge Garbage Beach, it has always been a spot I have enjoyed spending my time…there is nothing to dislike about a secluded beach in Toronto that we can have bonfires at (not legally, but, whatever). So since Meaghan lives just down the road from our fav beachy spot, we headed there on a Sunday to let the dogs have a nice run around and swim, which was definitely not voluntary. All three of them hate swimming, but they needed to be cooled off, so don’t think we are that mean. It was really a nice relaxing afternoon, but now my little Gussy is sick again. If you don’t follow me on instagram (get on that!) then you won’t know yet that Gus is having a rough time. This time he has ataxia. Incase you aren’t familiar with ataxia (I definitely wasn’t), in the simplest terms he has a lack of muscle control in his hind legs during voluntary movements, which means he is unable to walk, or hold himself up. It’s a neurological issue that we are hoping will rectify itself over the next few days or so, but if not, he will likely need surgery. We have to help Gus with everything now. We have to hold his back end up while he eats and drinks, carry him everywhere around the house because he likes being near me at all times and we don’t want him trying to get to me on his own. He needs help outside when doing his business, and it obviously goes without saying he can’t jump on or off anything, so I have to keep a close watch on him so he doesn’t fall off the bed or couch when we are sitting/sleeping. It’s really a nightmare. I don’t mind looking after him in this way (I’d do anything for this dog) but it’s the fact that he has no idea what’s going on that makes me so upset. Imagine spontaneously not being able to move your legs? How absolutely awful would that be?! I’m thankful he is not paralyzed – he still has feeling in his hind legs – but some narrowing in his spine is causing the ataxia. Gah! Poor guy is having such a rough time these days.

Anyways, Please send your well wishes Gus’ way. He’s an amazing little guy that brings a smile to everyones face.

*photos of my by Meaghan
Larkspur VintageLarkspur VintageLarkspur VintageLarkspur VintageLarkspur VintageLarkspur Vintage Larkspur VintageLarkspur VintageLarkspur VintageLarkspur VintageLarkspur VintageDress: Family Affairs

Swedish Summer

DSC_3128Sometimes it’s necessary for me to get out of the city. I do love Toronto (like really really do) but my mind and body often crave the slowness, fresh air, and silence that north of the city has to offer. Luckily for me, Ryan’s family lives in Barrie, in a beautiful home with ample outdoor space and a very short walk to the waterfront and forest. Ryan and I made the most of our weekend by doing pretty well nothing, which felt perfect. And I was excited to get this Family Affairs, Swedish Summer dress in the mail from Nina about a week or two before. It was the perfect dress for this particular day – lightweight, summery and fun. It’s one of those dresses that doesn’t really need styling – the print is so awesome and the cut is so cute, it’s a piece that can stand on it’s own, in my opinion. I like over the top and complicated sometimes, but I also really like simplicity, as long as I stay true to my silly, quirky nature.

I hope you all had a very lovely weekend. Mine isn’t over just yet, but I’ll keep this short and sweet because I have many new items to photograph for the shop (!!!), cleaning (ugh!) and  grocery shopping to do. So, bye for now!











DSC_3179Dress: Family Affairs
Shoes: G.H. Bass & Co