Collection / Vivetta Resort 2016

Vivetta Resort 2016 Vivetta Resort 2016Vivetta Resort 2016Has there ever been a more fun and inspiring collection than Vivetta Resort 2016? Well maybe, but I am absolutely smitten with this collection, so it’s being placed at the very top of collection favourites to date. The obvious thing to love about Vivetta is the surrealist elements of her designs – the hands collars are ingenious – they are forward thinking yet actually wearable, and undeniably adorable. The collection was styled by superstar stylist, Leith Clark, and I absolutely adore how she has paired pastels with bold colours, creating incredibly striking visuals that just enhance the surrealist nature of the collection. I personally love mixing pastels with more primary colours, so this is a collection after my own heart. I wish I could pick one look that is my favourite, but I genuinely love them all equally. However, I will say, those ankle strap heels with bows are to.die.for.

What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below.Vivetta Resort 2016Vivetta Resort 2016Vivetta Resort 2016Vivetta Resort 2016Vivetta Resort 2016Vivetta Resort 2016Vivetta Resort 2016Vivetta Resort 2016Vivetta Resort 2016Vivetta Resort 2016Vivetta Resort 2016Vivetta Resort 2016Vivetta Resort 2016Vivetta Resort 2016Vivetta Resort 2016Vivetta Resort 2016


H.K.M. SS’15

H.K.M. Hannah Metz, what can she not do? On top of being a stylist, model, photographer and lingerie designer, she has now added women’s wear designer to that list of awesomeness. I had been anticipating the release of her first ever collection for her namesake label, H.K.M., and I can say it definitely did not disappoint. Her collection is filled with quirky eye motifs, tears and hearts adorning beautiful skirts and blouses, with it’s inspiration coming from the 12th century tragic love tale of Tristan and Iseult, which has many versions, but in this case specifically the Joseph Bedier pairing (which I know very little about, but apparently there is a love potion involved). Such an interesting place to find inspiration, but really, would you expect any less from this unique and talented woman? It may be awhile before I have any spare money to purchase something of my own from this collection, but I’ve got my eye on the Brangien’s Tears Skirt, Baron’s Eyes Blouse and Philtre Skirt.
What about you guys? What are your favourites?

Photography: Clement Pascal.
Model: Aaliyah Eitapence

Like Mother, Like Daughter

il_fullxfull.638847963_yawqIt is my mother’s birthday today (Happy Birthday mom ❤ ), and with Mother’s Day right around the corner, it felt appropriate to share these lookbook photos from OffOn, a handmade vintage inspired label from Lithiunia that features many garments made for both mother and daughter. How freakin’ cute! If you ever watched My-So Called Life, then this lookbook might call to mind the mother-daughter fashion show that Angela was so opposed to in the episode “The Zit”. I personally never participated in such a thing, and my mother never ever dressed me to match her, but I have a feeling – if and when I have children – that I would want to dress my toddler to match me, if only to get truly adorable photographs that she’ll one day be horrified by, but that will please me forever.

Toujours Family Affairs SS ’15

amber_byrne_mahoney_tara_violet_toujours_family_affairs_nina_egli_instant_film_polaroids_impossible_project_007Aren’t these images by Amber Mahoney for Family Affairs SS ’15 collection absolutely breathtaking?! They remind me of the antique photographs you may find of your ancestors, or when you browse through crumpled up photographs of strangers at an antique shop. This thought likely comes to mind because of the sepia tones, but also because they have a distinct look that reminds me of wet plate processing – an antique photographic process discovered in the mid 19th century, now rarely used today (although some of my fav modern day photographers occasionally use this technique). It doesn’t hurt that Tara has the kind of beauty that reminds me of decades past. If someone were to be like, she’s actually from the early 1990s, I’d be like ya, that makes sense…she’s aged splendidly... but I digress. I have a great appreciation for present day photographers who are capable of creating an almost uncanny likeness to images from the past. Most of my favourite modern day photographers do this, and if I were to ever take my photography to another level, those are the types of images I would love to create – raw and unencumbered and full of nostalgia for times I have never personally experienced.

Photography: Amber Mahoney
Model: Tara Violet Niami
MUA: Allison Perlstein
Hair: Rubi Jones
amber_byrne_mahoney_001 amber_byrne_mahoney_tara_violet_toujours_family_affairs_nina_egli_instant_film_polaroids_impossible_project_002 amber_byrne_mahoney_tara_violet_toujours_family_affairs_nina_egli_instant_film_polaroids_impossible_project_003amber_byrne_mahoney_tara_violet_toujours_family_affairs_nina_egli_instant_film_polaroids_impossible_project_004amber_byrne_mahoney_tara_violet_toujours_family_affairs_nina_egli_instant_film_polaroids_impossible_project_005amber_byrne_mahoney_tara_violet_toujours_family_affairs_nina_egli_instant_film_polaroids_impossible_project_006amber_byrne_mahoney_tara_violet_toujours_family_affairs_nina_egli_instant_film_polaroids_impossible_project_008amber_byrne_mahoney_tara_violet_toujours_family_affairs_nina_egli_instant_film_polaroids_impossible_project_009amber_byrne_mahoney_tara_violet_toujours_family_affairs_nina_egli_instant_film_polaroids_impossible_project_010 amber_byrne_mahoney_tara_violet_toujours_family_affairs_nina_egli_instant_film_polaroids_impossible_project_011 amber_byrne_mahoney_tara_violet_toujours_family_affairs_nina_egli_instant_film_polaroids_impossible_project_012

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2015

Red_Valentino_020_1366There is no surprise at this point that I am a big fan of Red Valentino – I’ve shared countless collections of theirs by now. It’s hard for me to pick a favourite season, but this one might just be it (maybe). It is distinctly influenced by the late 60s to 70s, what with it’s vibrant psychedelic patterns, sweet peter pan collars and shift shapes, but it still has the classic, ultra girly feel that every Red Valentino collection upholds. And how about those lace Edwardian-style collars tied with a bow? I need one asap!

View the whole collection here.

Red_Valentino_003_1366 Red_Valentino_008_1366 Red_Valentino_010_1366 Red_Valentino_011_1366 Red_Valentino_014_1366 Red_Valentino_016_1366 Red_Valentino_018_1366 Red_Valentino_021_1366 Red_Valentino_023_1366Red_Valentino_024_1366 Red_Valentino_031_1366 Red_Valentino_033_1366 Red_Valentino_037_1366 Red_Valentino_038_1366 Red_Valentino_041_1366 Red_Valentino_042_1366