Take This Waltz

During the summer Matt and I stayed a night at his parents home in the Beaches in the East end of Toronto. We went to see Take This Waltz at the Fox Theatre. The Fox Theatre opened in 1914 and is the oldest running movie theatre in Canada. I would eventually like to do a post on this theatre as it is absolutely amazing, but I felt like sharing some of Michelle Williams wonderful outfits from this movie first.

Take This Waltz is an absolutely heartbreaking coming of age story that is at times uncomfortable. I won’t go into a synopsis about it because I am not a movie critic, but I would definitely recommend it. The movie is also filmed and set in Toronto, which I felt was nice, being a Torontonian myself.  But the one thing that held my attention throughout was the adorable dresses, rompers, high waisted shorts and stripes that she wore in the movie. She flip flops between being a little tomboy-ish, to wearing adorable 1960’s-7o’s summery dresses. I thought that was rather nice, as I have such troubles not constantly dressing like a textbook version of a girl. Her outfits felt effortless to me, in the best way possible. Any movie I see Michelle Williams in, I tend to believe whatever she wears/however she acts, is very close to her true self.





You should definitely give the movie a watch, not only for her adorable outfits, but for the great story line as well.

Posted by Alex