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Many years ago my father bought me a book “The Roots of Desire” which was about the history and power of having red hair, in an effort to help me understand my natural red hair was something to take pride in rather than feel ashamed of. At the time, getting that book just annoyed me; I am and always have been a very independent thinker, and I hate when people presume my thoughts and feelings to be misguided and that maybe they need readjusting. And at that time I was also a teenager…so there’s that. I read bits of the book, but I never finished it and after one too many moves and owning way too much shit, I decided to get rid of the book as it was just collecting dust. Fast forward a few years, and I often think back to that book and all the pages I never read; some weird and fascinating shit was believed about redheads and that book covers a ton of it. It was only a few years ago that I started to really love my hair colour and take real pride in being “a ginger”. I’m not sure where the drastic change of heart came from – it’s likely growing older and adults just being actual decent human beings, rather than kids who pick out any one thing that makes you different and persecute you for it. I also think starting this blog and my instagram really helped me to accept and love my hair colour; all the kind things said began to negate any shitty or inappropriate things kids said to me when I was young. It was like I was started to unknow a truth I was convinced of for so long. The internet also lead me to other gingers who I learned took real pride in being red-haired and I started to feel this unspoken understanding and shared experience with them.


So, I want to know more about red hair, and I want to share that with others, especially red heads (but everyone too! inclusivity, bbs!), and especially young red heads who have been made fun of and made to feel shitty about something that is actually awesome (imho). So I’ve decided to put some posts together about red hair, the history, the myths and who knows what else. I know very little about red hair myself, so I’ll be learning and sharing as I go. I hope you guys are into this idea!

*photo by Gerald Larocque

The Anderson Sisters

8I’m finally able to share with you the first shoot I styled (and modelled) with Gerald that was just published in the latest issue of Elegant Magazine. I’m quite excited about this, because it’s an actual print magazine, which means I can get my hands on a copy (as can you!!!). The pain about styling and modeling in shoots that are mean’t for publications is that you’ve got to wait and wait (and wait) sometimes until they have been released by the magazine. So while I had seen these images months ago, I had to wait to share them with you all (save for the few teasers on my instagram). But here we are! I’d just like to say, there is something so fun about being surrounded by gingers all day! To be honest, I don’t really know many gingers, at least not ones I see on the regular (we are very rare and we are mostly men…Girl, Interrupted anyone?!) I felt an immediate connection to these gals. A gingerly bond, if you will.

Photography: Gerald Larocque
Art Direction: Annya Karina
Styling: Alexandra Spence (dats me)
MUA: Lisa Arsenault of Pinch Cosmetics
Models: Kiana Pedersen (Peggi Lepage), Tara Van der Kolk, Alexandra Spence and Quinn Bell (Peggi Lepage)
Clothing: Larkspur Shoppe and my personal wardrobe