The Cloud Baby

As I mentioned a few times here, my sweet little Gussy has become ataxic, which means he is having a lot of trouble controlling his hind legs because of degenerative disc disease, and likely a herniated disc. After meeting with the neurologist, we have come to realize that this will likely be an ongoing issue with Gus for the rest of his life. In the neurologists opinion, if money was not an issue, back surgery would be the best bet for Gus, in terms of pain management and preventive care. Because I cannot afford this surgery, or even the diagnostics to find out if surgery is the correct route for my little cloud, I have set up a GoFundMe page to help raise the money for everything Gus needs. Any donation helps, and if you cannot afford it (which I understand) then please share with someone who may be able to.

Thank you so much to my lovely readers and to everyone who has already donated, left me loving messages and wished Gus well. You are all amazing ❤

Donate Here.