Belle Vie / 24

DSC_0959DSC_0982DSC_0958DSC_1121DSC_1123DSC_1122DSC_11161. Such a cozy spot in Meaghan’s new apartment. Man, what I would give to have an apartment with such lovely natural light!!
2. And as I’m going on about how great Meg’s apartment is, I’m also very smitten with her Moroccan rugs.
3. Oh Lola! Such a little nervous nellie.
4-6. Ryan and I went out for dinner at La Carnita – a very similar taco joint to Grand Electric (which I talk about all the time), but this one is closer to our new place, and maybe a bit tastier, actually.
7. Ryan is over the moon for Gus. It really warms my heart.

Belle Vie / 05

DSC_2441DSC_2439DSC_2411DSC_2422DSC_2551DSC_2418DSC_2552DSC_24091. I got this coat from my best friend Kristen a few years back. I’ve held onto it for a long time while never really wearing it because I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I’m kind of obsessed with it these days, and that is a perfect example of why I am a clothing hoarder.
2. Just the sun giving us a little peek through the trees. Hey sun!
3. Ryan and I love Grand Electric, although we tend to get takeout over eating at the restaurant – the wait time for a table at this place can be absurd. However, we got lucky the other day, arriving just before dinner. I ordered 4 crispy cauliflower tacos and one GE Sour. Always the same. I’m nothing if not consistent.
4. The beautiful waterfront in Barrie.
5. A lone log stranded at “Garbage Beach”.
6. Ryan says every picture I take and post of him he is wearing basically the same outfit. I told him this is okay, he is like Karl Lagerfeld.
7. Kayaks and canoes, which I’m sure will get some use if this weather continues.
8. I remember the first time I made him smile and laugh before we knew eachother or shared words. I don’t remember the funny thing I said, but that smile has stayed with me. Sometimes I like to think about that time and how out of a group of my friends, his laugh, the single person I didn’t know, was the only one that stood out to me.

And my word is true like the sky is blue

DSC_0137This weekend was a pretty quiet one. I spent the majority of Saturday catching up on some much needed sleep before heading to Grand Electric for tacos and delicious Bourbon drinks with some pals for Meg’s birthday. Sunday we took the dogs for a stroll along the beach, and on the way back picked up some tasty almond milk lattes from Capital, followed by some warm bowls of Pho.

As you can see we had some pretty choice weather this weekend. I will sometimes allow myself to freeze a bit to get photos of my outfits, but this particular day wasn’t so bad. As you can see from these photos, I need a bang trim big time (and probably an everything trim). I usually do it myself, but I still get the fear every time I bring those scissors to my head. Unfortunately, my much loved hair dresser stopped cutting hair awhile back and I haven’t the slightest idea where to go. If any of you live in Toronto and have a hair dresser you absolutely love, let a girl know!

Thanks to the Kelly sisters for these snaps!








Dress: vintage
Socks: Target
Shoes: Seychelles