Cute Clips & Pins For Your Hairs

Larkspur Vintage | Cute Clips & Pins For Your HairsAfter my last hair tutorial, I had a couple questions about where to find cute hair pins. So I thought instead of sharing with just those few people in the comments, I’d put together a whole post of where to find cute and strange pins for your hairs. I enjoy both novelty pins, and more romantic, classic sort of clips, so I’ll share all sorts with you in case you aren’t interested in having a popsicle on your head.


Crown and Glory is the place to find truly unique and standout pieces for your noggin. If you’re looking for accessories to give your hair that extra pop, this is the shop to head to.
Larkspur Vintage | Cute Clips & Pins For Your Hairs

Most of the hair accessories I found on ASOS were cute, however, quite subtle. So if you are looking for something with a bit of interest, but not in-your-face type pieces, I’d recommend these ones below, and a ton of others available right now.Larkspur Vintage | Cute Clips & Pins For Your HairsLANEYLOU123 + AISHA123

These two sister shops (one carrying only hair accessories, and the other has all types of jewelry) carry ornate pieces, with a mix of simple, pretty and silly, which I quite like; a little something for everyone.Larkspur Vintage | Cute Clips & Pins For Your HairsSWEETIEPIPS

I think this shop is my personal favourite because the pieces are so special and just downright adorable. This shop really puts the novel in novelty hair clips, so if you are looking to cover your head in sweets and sillyness, this is the one to keep an eye on.
Larkspur Vintage | Cute Clips & Pins For Your Hairs

I’m loving the simple silhouettes of these gold hair pins; not too much going on, but still something that would catch the eye. Maybe colourful pins are just not your thing, so these would be the pieces I’d suggest, along with a ton of others currently in their shop.
Larkspur Vintage | Cute Clips & Pins For Your HairsWhat are your favourites? Any shops I didn’t suggest that you absolutely love? Let me know in the comments below.

Beauty / Simple Side Braid With A Twist (literally)

Simple Side Braid with a Twist (literally) | Larkspur VintageThe simple side braid is a good friend of mine. I sleep with one in pretty often, which helps to keep my hair wavy baby throughout the day, but when it comes to wearing a side braid during the day, the back bit of hair, near the nape of my neck, has a tendency to kind of droop, which has a way of annoying me thoroughly. So, I came up with a way to have that back bit of hair stay off my neck and add some interest to a very simple hairstyle, and all it takes is a twist (pun very intended).
Simple Side Braid with a Twist (literally) | Larkspur Vintage1. using both hands, roll the hair closest to the nape of your neck towards your head, starting from behind one ear, until you reach the other side of your head
2. hanging on to that twist – which will act as 1/3 of your braid – start parting the remaining hair into 2 even sections, just the way you do with a regular braid
Simple Side Braid with a Twist (literally) | Larkspur Vintage3. braid! easy peasy!
4. pull out any hairs you would like to have framing your face and loosen the braid a bit by pulling it apart. I also curled the hair framing my face to add a romantic vibe to the look; if your roll is feeling a little loose, add some bobby pins and hairspray – that should do the trick!Simple Side Braid with a Twist (literally) | Larkspur Vintage Simple Side Braid with a Twist (literally) | Larkspur VintageEasy as that! It should take you no more than a minute (unless you do some curling like me) and it adds a little extra something to a very simple, basic hairstyle. Below I will also show you 3 different ways you can add some interest to this look with hair accessories.

Simple Side Braid with a Twist (literally) | Larkspur VintageCUTE HAIR CLIPS: add some cute hairclips, like these sunglasses (that kind of look like goggles) to add a playful, yet subtle quality to your look. Simple Side Braid with a Twist (literally) | Larkspur VintageHEAD SCARF: add a headscarf (or in this case it’s a head band acting as a scarf) to add a little colour or pattern to your sweet little noggin.Simple Side Braid with a Twist (literally) | Larkspur VintageBOW: want to cover up that dreaded elastic? wrap a ribbon around it; both cute and functional

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