Beauty: 4 Ways To Style A Grown Out Fringe

Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 4 Ways To Style A Grown Out FringeAs you can see, my fringe is a little out of control these days. It’s been about 4 months since I had a trim, and I’ve been pretty lazy about booking a hair appointment or trimming it myself (which I usually do). I figured I was likely not the only one this happens to regularly, so I thought it made sense to show you some ways to style your fringe when you’re in-between haircuts or trying to grow out them bangs, so that our eyeballs may see and not be poked by strands of hair all day long.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 4 Ways To Style A Grown Out FringeThe Bette Middler: This is a style I sport most often when my bangs are too long to sit straight across my forehead; it’s pretty simple as you can see…just part your bangs down the middle, following your natural part (if you have one). If you find your fringe is not staying in it’s desired place, try bobby pinning each side for a little before leaving the house – that should help to keep them in place, and when in doubt, a little hairspray goes a long way.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 4 Ways To Style A Grown Out FringeThe Twister: This style can be a bit scary if you don a straight-across fringe religiously, like myself – I mean, our fringe is what hides our forehead, and now we are exposing it! But you know what, lets live without fear! To achieve this style, just start twisting your fringe at the root and continue down until our entire fringe is twisted and then fasten with a bobby pin; you can hide that pin by placing some hair over-top or you could also use a fun hair clip to hold in place.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 4 Ways To Style A Grown Out FringeThe Wave: This one is a teeny bit more time consuming, but well worth it. Parting your fringe to one side, use a curling iron (a flat iron might work as well), and wrap parts of your fringe – starting from the root and working downward – in an ‘under and over motion’ around your iron, so that your waves (or curls) are held upwards, a la Farrah Fawcett styles. Continue this until you’ve got your desired wave going on.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 4 Ways To Style A Grown Out FringeThe Side Bitch: Another style I sport most often is a simple side bang. In my case, naturally, my hair likes to part this way, so it’s quite easy for it to stay in place, but if you are finding it is moving about, again, a bobby pin to hold it in place will do, either all day if you have a cute pin, or just for a little while before leaving the house so your hair knows it’s place (she just a side bitch, after-all).

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Beauty: Four Quick Hairstyles For Short Hair

Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Four Quick Hairstyles For Short HairNow that my hair is short, I’ve been interested in figuring out hairstyles that I can do in a pinch, because even though my hair is at a much shorter length, it’s actually more maintenance, which means I have become perpetually late on early mornings. These hairstyles are not ground breaking, but they are super easy and take about 10 seconds, which is (as you know) very important to me.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Four Quick Hairstyles For Short HairPigtails: not incredibly creative, but pigtails are great for the days when your hair is a bit unruly and you need to get it off your neck and face right quick. Pigtails don’t have to be for little gals anymore, friends.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Four Quick Hairstyles For Short HairLow messy bun: I personally really love low messy buns. There are always those stray hairs that come loose from your bun when you have short hair, but because we are going for a messy look, it’s okay because it’s intentional…right?!
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Four Quick Hairstyles For Short HairHalf up with a bow: a rather obvious choice for this length of hair is half up, but by adding a ribbon tied into a bow, it creates a very sweet and subtle look to an otherwise generic hairstyle.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Four Quick Hairstyles For Short HairHeadband: I love short hair with a thick or thin headband. It feels very Blair Waldorf (who is forever and always my style icon). A simple headband can bring your plain hairs from blah to huzzah (I kind of hate myself for that one).

Beauty / Heatless Waves

Continuing on with showing you guys my go-to hairstyles, these heatless waves are my most go-to hairstyle as it’s probably one of the easiest things you can do to make your straight hairs a little more interesting. This hairstyle may seem like a sort of “duh” hairstyle, but I honestly would have never thought of it if it wasn’t for my best friend (hi Kristen!) who used to braid her hair and leave it in over-night or for extended periods of time only to take the braid out and have these amazing waves (her hair is seriously the best). At the time I had quite short hair and was unable to braid it, so I made note for my future long hairs that this would be how I would get excellent waves with the littlest amount of effort (at the time I had been using a hair straightener to create waves), and now if I’m not ragging my hair at night, it’s in a braid. So here we go! Quick, easy, simple, but effective.FIRST STEP:  Braid your hair…yes, that’s it. I like to do a side braid, but only because I have a real, real hard time doing a braid down the back of my head…but if you’re a magical human who can braid your hair from any angle, well go to town my dear friend. You are far more talented than I.Make use of said braid by doing stupid things with it.SECOND STEP: As with my previous tutorial, I sleep with my braid in at night so that when I wake up my hair is very nearly ready to go – probably the simplest of all steps, unless you have a hard time sleeping at night, but even so, that makes no difference to your beautiful hairs.THIRD STEP: In the morning I will sometimes hairspray the braid to ensure my waves stay wavy throughout the day, and like I do with my rags, I will use my blow dryer on my hair briefly, which also helps maintain your wavy babies – make sure to let your hair cool after you use the blow dryer.FOURTH STEP: Once I’ve taken my braid out and given my hair a wee brush, I often backcomb my hair so I have a bit more volume – my hair is quite thick and thus heavy, and so it can sort of just floop on my head like a giant shapeless mop.Ta-da! Easy peasy! I will note my waves could have been a bit better – if you don’t wash your hair for a few days and braid your hair every night, your waves, obviously, will be even more prominent.

Let me know if you guys are enjoying these tutorials. I’m thinking of including my daily makeup routine and other makeup/hair fun. Do you prefer written/picture tutorials like this, or are you more likely to watch a youtube video?