Into It, Intimates / Alexandrea Anissa

lookbook-slide-01If there was one intimate brand my 16 yr old goth self would be totally over the moon for, Alexandrea Anissa would be it. And while I rarely wear black or anything that could be considered fetish-dominatrix-gothy apparel anymore, you can never really take the goth out of the girl, and so this brand is one I am very much into, even in my cheery-grandma-schoolgirl state. Most of the garments seem to be made for play rather than functionality, which could seem like an impractical buy, but things like that have never swayed me. I’d like to think these pieces are the sort of lingerie worn by the unsuspecting gal, and the lookbook (which I love!!!) and the model (whom I love!!!) do a wonderful job of capturing that girl and that feeling – all business on the outside, and playfully mischievous underneath.

My favorites: Ramona High Waist Keyhole Panty, Fawn Bralette, Dark Paradise High Waist Panty, Dark Paradise Lace Bra, Sheena Bralette Dot Mesh

Photography: Hana Haley