Into It, Intimates / JulieK Lingerie

il_570xN.683967954_d92lWell, it’s been quite awhile since I wrote about another intimates label, but that does not mean I haven’t been keeping my eye out for you guys (and for myself). I came across JulieK Lingerie quite awhile ago and thought it was due time I share this handmade Scotland/California based brand. JulieK started designing her own lingerie from a deep-rooted love for intimates, a love that dates back to her childhood memories of adorning herself in her mother’s personal collection. Her designs are a bit more modern than what I am normally drawn to (I’m not a fan of thongs), but I could see myself in many pieces from her collections, as there is still a vintage quality too many of them and sweet detailing that I often look for in lingerie. Check out her shop here.

My favourite: Anastasiya bralette, Nora bra, Milenne bodysuit, Powder blue bralette

Into It, Intimates / Kayleigh Peddie

edit7A lot of great things come out of Montreal – I keep coming across more and more brands and designers located in this beautiful city, and Kayleigh Peddie is no exception. Kayleigh Peddie is a lingerie and swimwear label, and the garments are totally handmade by the designer. From every design, to the finishing details, each piece is a true labor of love, which I absolutely love because you can be sure you’ll be getting a piece that has been tirelessly made out of hard work and devotion to their craft. I’m loving (how many times can I say love in one paragraph?!) the vintage feel of each piece, with interesting cut-outs and a whole lotta lace! Is there any other fabric that could make you feel both elegant and sexy? I think not! (maybe velvet?!) I’ve instantly become a fan of this label, and with good reason. Check out the shop here.

My favourites: Estelle Double Strap Bra, Estelle High Waist Panty, Ronnie Soft Bra, Ronnie High Waist Panty, Jada High Waist Panty, Ingrid Bra Black, Ingrid Roll On Garter, Vanna Lace High Waist Panty

Into It, Intimates / Hopeless Lingerie

resize (7)When I came across Hopeless Lingerie it immediately gave me serious femme fatale/black widow vibes. To me, Hopeless Lingerie is the seductress of lingerie brands, which I think is the intent, because designer Gabrielle Adamidis pieces are inspired by old films, modern art, the ocean, the 1980’s and B-grade horror films. Her inspiration doesn’t just end at the designs, this particular lookbook is eerily tantalizing and the photography focuses mostly on the parts of a woman that can be of temptation to a man or woman – the stuff that makes us lose our heads. It’s the (veggie)meat and potatoes of film noir, and thus totally perfect. It’s so easy to find collections that lose their purpose and direction, I see it all the time. Sure, the garments are nice, tons are, but what makes it stand out? Why would I want to wear it? Maybe I think too deeply about these things, but Hopeless Lingerie never makes me wonder. The inspiration and direction is never lost. It’s a solid brand, with beautifully detailed, handmade pieces that would make any woman feel sexy and empowered while wearing them.

My favourites: Donna Knickers – polka dot, Jessica Bralette – black lace, Nancy Cami – polka dot, Monica Wrap Top – star mesh, Carrie Knickers, Jeanne Knickers – star mesh

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Into It, Intimates / The Loved One

11_01Well it’s due time I talk about The Loved One‘s lingerie, but if you’ve been a reader of mine for awhile you likely already know how enamored I am with this American-made lingerie line and vintage retailer, founded by Elvia Lahman and Hannah Metz. However, it would be silly of me not to include TLO in my new series, so here we are. The Loved One is indeed my favorite intimates line (no surprise there). It’s rare I find an intimates brand that I would absolutely buy every single piece from, but I can honestly say that is the case with TLO. Their aesthetic is one I feel a real kinship to, and it seems like each piece was specifically made for someone just like me – a lingerie brand after my own heart. My love for them is likely due to the fact that each piece feels authentically vintage, even though it is new. Having a modern take on vintage-inspired lingerie can be great, but I think it can be wonderful to just recreate styles popular in eras past. Afterall, it’s so hard to find vintage lingerie that is in good condition at a reasonable price point, and well, sometimes people just don’t like wearing other peoples old panties (I can’t purport to be one of those people though). I’m not sure of their plans to release new styles any time soon, they have had a few of these for quite awhile now, not that I’m complaining, but I’d love to see what they come up with next, and I’m sure you agree.

My favorites: Agony of Love knickers, gold Sin In The Suburbs knickers, Ballet Pink Fuego Top, She Should Have Stayed In Bed Bralette, One Shocking Moment Bra (already own it, teehee), How To Make A Doll bustier
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