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Larkspur Vintage | Four Instagrams To Followin need of some INSTa-ration?


It’s probably no surprise to you that I’m a fan of instagram. It has become an integral part of what I do and probably where I receive the most traffic and communication with you lot ( ❤ ) I follow just over 1000 instagrammers (a lot, i know)…some friends, some shops that I like to keep up to date with, but mostly people that post incredibly inspiring (or really funny) content. You guys seem interested in seeing the things that inspire me and instagram is one of the main places I head to when I am feeling a lack of it. If you like this post do let me know, I’d be happy to share more with you! I follow a lot of people, so there is certainly a few posts I could put together.

Larkspur Vintage | Four Instagrams To Follow@HELLOEMILIE

Emilie is by no means an unrecognized instagrammer (and by no means needs this exposure); at almost a half-mill followers, it’s unlikely you haven’t seen her work (a faceless gal, pretty well always seen from behind, usually wearing a hat…ring any bells?) and with reason – she is one of a kind. For awhile I followed many travel/outdoor instagrams – my heart really does lie with the outdoors – however, I grew tired pretty quick; nature is beautiful, but it can get repetitive when you are seeing the same (albeit beautiful) landscapes and images over and over, with no true defining quality. Emilie is one of the few I continued to follow, though, and you can probably see why, there is something special about each moment and scene she captures; unlike anything I have seen. And! if you are someone who cares about a perfectly curated feed (which I sometimes do), hers is pretty unbelievable.

Larkspur Vintage | Four Instagrams To Follow@BRITTANY__MARKERT

Brittany is an absolutely fascinating woman and one of my all-time favorite photographers. She isn’t your typical instagrammer, because she isn’t one really; she doesn’t seem to concern herself with popular instagram culture. To me, she is simply a photographer/model/actress/artist who uses insta as a means to share her art…but she has one of my favourite feeds to look at. Her work is raw, sexually provocative and at times eerily uncomfortable, and I. Love. It. She is unapologetic, honest and real in a way many people are ashamed or afraid to be. Gah! And can we talk about how stunning she is? A mesmerizing beauty if there ever was one. I could gush over her forever.

Larkspur Vintage | Four Instagrams To Follow@KITSUNEKUN

Kathryn and I have chatted many a time through the interwebs, but I believe, despite any friendship/acquanticeship (i dont know) I may have with her, her instagram should have wayyyy more followers. This girl takes fucking beautiful pictures, in truly enchanting places. She lives in Tokyo (cool, right?) and I love how informed she is and how much she shares about Japanese history, culture and traditions. I happened upon Kathryn long ago through her fashion blog, so it goes without saying I love the way she dresses, it’s what initially drew me to her, but what kept me coming back was her photographs, featuring beautiful clothing. She exacts one of the very things that makes me fall hard for a blogger/instagrammer, beautiful images with a feeling. There is nothing I love more than a stylish lady in breathtaking, natural settings, and that’s exactly what Kathryn’s feed (and tumblr) is. (also Japanese snacks! YUM!).

Larkspur Vintage | Four Instagrams To Follow@KALANOEL

Another instagrammer I think is totally underrated! I mean, just over 4500 followers is not nothing, but she has one of those feeds that I look at and think “how come you don’t have more followers?!” I started reading Kala Noel’s blog a few years back (now defunct), and then found her on instagram more recently and instantly remembered her beautiful face. I was also delightfully surprised at how fascinating she is she, way more than her blog ever lead on (to be fair, I think I started reading her blog when she was barely doing it anymore). She is an incredibly talented artist, which I wasn’t aware of before, and I love so much of the art she creates. Anyways! If you like eye catching and clever imagery, cute girls in cute clothes, nature and endearing oddball-ness, you’ll love her feed as much as I do.

Belle Vie / 34

photo 1 (2)photo (18)1. Last weekend I styled and modeled Act Three’s AW ’15 lookbook, and this was one of the looks. Sarah’s dresses are seriously to die for and I can’t wait to be able to share the whole lookbook with you guys. She is so incredibly talented and I think you guys are really going to love her designs.
2. We shot the lookbook at this amazing loft here in Toronto. How people find spaces like this is beyond me! The tenant has done a ton of work to make the space liveable and it’s really inspiring.
3. A beautiful illustration of me by an instagram follower @jennydiekaiserin – it’s so lovely and flattering when artists are inspired by my photographs. I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude when people share their work with me.
4. A super gorgeous watercolour of me by another instagram follower @ina_ritar – again, I feel so lucky that such talented people are inspired by my portraits. (i added the border cause I have a problem with photos not lining up, fyi.)

Belle Vie / 28

Processed with VSCOcam with n3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with n3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with n3 preset DSC_1625 DSC_1626Processed with VSCOcam with n3 presetDSC_1631DSC_1635DSC_1637DSC_1644DSC_1653photo 2 (34)Processed with VSCOcam with n3 preset1. On Friday I was lucky enough to have a couple gals from Style Kick film me at Cabaret Vintage for a little video that I’ll hopefully be able to share with you in the near future! (from instagram)
2. If only I had this many hats! And this couch…although maybe in a different colour. (instagram)
3. I wouldn’t mind living inside 3 Speed – it has become our go-to brunch spot of late.
4. And look how cool their ceiling is!
5. My handsome, bearded man – he plans to grow that thing for the rest of winter.  (instagram)
6. The National Ballet School – I talked a bit about that time in my life here. (instagram)
7. Our empty changeroom before our dance show – the calm before the storm.
8. Makeup less and the first one to arrive, as usual.
9. Ally getting ready for the show – Ally is one of the most genuine, wonderful people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She’s a real gem, and a true artist in all that she does.
10. What our dressing tables look like when we are getting ready – makeup and electronics.
11. My beautiful, amazing Armando – he never fails to make me laugh and he never ceases to amaze when I watch him dance. I get all kinds of shivers and feels when he is doing his thing.
12. Esie took this picture of me dancing at our tech rehearsal on Friday night…I quite like it.
13. One of the amazing headpieces by Heather from Heart of Gold Designs – I’m so excited to photograph and style this beauty! (instagram)

Belle Vie / 18

DSC_4641DSC_4657DSC_4662Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetDSC_4661DSC_4663DSC_4664
I barely picked up my camera in the last few weeks – save for taking outfit pictures – I really had not much to work with when trying to put together a Belle Vie post today (and didn’t even bother last week). All these photos are from Sunday, when Meaghan and I headed to the CNE, mainly to eat delicious gross food, and ride some, well, rides. We found ourselves sitting on a swan for a long while, taking polaroids of eachother, eating cotton candy and discussing how we feel at ease with one another if ever we absolutely need to instagram something when we should really be interacting with eachother – she just gets me, you know. It was a lovely girly date and the Ferris Wheel provided a fantastic aerial view of the CNE. I love this girl, it will be weird not living in the same building as her, and being able to see her but simply stepping outside my apartment door.