Moody Monday


Winter hit us this weekend, and with my favorite (jk, hate you!) Mr. Subzero Winds in tow. My hair and skirt were flying every which way, which can you usually make for fun photos, but if your hands are totally freezing from fiddling with the camera it’s less fun, and more like, “why am I out here?! am I missing a part of my brain?”

I look slightly miserable in these photos. Which, we all know, is generally how my face looks in most photos (my smile makes me feel weird). But these are a bit telling. Bitter cold aside, I had a very rough last week. Having a blog is strange sometimes because (and I feel like a lot of bloggers feel this way) you aren’t always certain how much to share. Some things are just mean’t to be kept to oneself (sorry internet, you can’t know everything), but when some things may affect the content of the blog, you’re left wondering, “shall I share?”. I guess all there is to say is some very sad events transpired last week, and my heart is with all of my dear friends feeling this loss. And on my own part, a new chapter seems to be opening up for me, which I am both wholly hopeful for, but also tremendously sad. So there it is, cryptic and all, sometimes you gotta share in whatever way you feel comfortable (to explain the serious grump face).

On a more fashion related note, I have a love/hate relationship with this 1960’s cardigan. It’s so very Jackie O and glorious, but I have always been at a loss when it comes to pairing it with something in my closet. It can end up looking very stuffy and secretarial in a really bad way. Alas, this particular chilly morning I think I found a life mate in this thrifted Joe Fresh button up. I had no idea what a valued purchase this button up would be. I’m like a broken record here, but I love prints, which is why I purchased it without any real thought as to what would look nice with it (this is how I buy most things). It goes with more in my wardrobe than I could have ever imagined. So good job to you, Joe Fresh (minus all the controversial shit. shame on you for that).








Coat, cardigan & fascinator: vintage
Skirt: bought from a friend, no label
Blouse: thrifted Joe Fresh
Tights: H&M
Boots: Samantha Pleet X Wolverine