Ways To Wear: One Kerchief Worn Four Ways

Larkspur Vintage | Ways To Wear: One Kerchief Four WaysOH THE POSSIBILITIES!

If you follow me on snapchat, or just know me IRL, then you will be well aware of the fact that I’ve been having a minute with kerchiefs (or scarves), tied around my neck. So since I’m having an obsession with them of late (and yes, I would call it an obsession), I thought it made sense to share that with you along with some other ideas of how you could wear one. I find the best place to get real gems for very cheap is at vintage, thrift or secondhand stores, so head there if you don’t already have one on hand. The one I am using here is a fairly small square…try to keep the kerchief small with these styles because it won’t work as well (if at all) if you are working with a large scarf. Anyways, now that you have your kerchief…Larkspur Vintage | Ways To Wear: One Kerchief Four WaysYou see me rollin’. We should talk about my rolling method, because I think it will be helpful in keeping that ribbon shape when you are working with a small, square kerchief. Here’s how! I roll the scarf by bringing the opposite corners together to form a triangle, then I roll the long end toward the triangles peak till it is almost all the way rolled, then I take the peak and roll it toward the long end and I wrap the long end around the rolled peak (this way your peak won’t be peeking out all day), and voilà, you have a rolled kerchief that shouldn’t come undone right fast.Larkspur Vintage | Ways To Wear: One Kerchief Four WaysEn Français: This is how I have been wearing my kerchiefs nearly everyday; just tied it into a knot around the neck. I usually wear the knot off to the side because it feels v Parisian, and if there is one thing I wish, it is to be born Parisian…or British.
Larkspur Vintage | Ways To Wear: One Kerchief Four WaysLil Bow Peep: Dress up any old hairstyle; tie your kerchief into a bow around your pony or braid. It makes an other wise simple hairstyle a little less simple.
Larkspur Vintage | Ways To Wear: One Kerchief Four WaysTiedy Up: You can use the kerchief to actually pull the hair out of your face or decoratively as a hairband; tie the loose ends together and either have them out and visible like a bow, or pull the loose ends under to be hidden beneath your hair.
Larkspur Vintage | Ways To Wear: One Kerchief Four WaysWild Wild West: Back in my up tha punx days, I sported a bandana like this almost always; to achieve this look its very similar to our rolling method, only this time don’t roll all the way and tie the kerchief loosely around your neck with the peak at the front (off the the side for *coolness*).

Kerchief: vintage via Common Sort | Dress: Topshop via Common Sort