The Vacant North


I’m so excited to be sharing The Vacant North with you today. It’s dear to my heart because it’s a project started by two people who have been a big part of Larkspur – Meaghan Kelly (yes, my old partner) and Kira Cronin (Larkspur Vintage look books). Kira left us not so long ago to marry her love, and start a new chapter of her life in Chicago. The Vacant North was partially created as a way for Kira and Meaghan to stay connected through creative means, but it blossomed into a larger project.

The Vacant North is a (mostly) photo project that focuses on exploration and travel, while encouraging others to do the same. Described by them as “the desire to move past the city limits and into the greater unknown”, forgetting your map (or iphone) and allowing the road to be your navigator. With photography by both ladies and words by Meaghan, they share moments sometimes lost in a world so driven to move forward, reminding us to stop and take a breath.

Not only will they be sharing a selection of photo series as they continue their journeys, but they have a corresponding blog featuring their favorite brands, art history, and a few other gems in the works. I’m also really excited that they recently opened their own shop selling exclusive Vacant North products, where Kira can put her awesome design skills to work and share them with the wonderful people of this world.

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Clifton Hill


Niagara Falls is one of those places that is ultra touristy, and could make me feel really overwhelmed and anxious, but instead it makes me really, really, unbelievably happy…

Alex and I have had to postpone shooting our Summer lookbook about a half a dozen times for a million scheduling and weather issues. Sunday was the day that we decided – rain or shine – it had to get done. The weather network spent the week terrorizing us with stupid little lightning bolt symbols and  obscenely high P.O.P.s. When Sunday finally rolled around, we woke up to what felt like a monsoon, which put a bit of a damper on our plans to shoot at the Scarborough Bluffs (an escarpment by the water in the East end of Toronto). Luckily, we have a genius by our side, and Kira turned the whole miserable day around by suggesting we drive out to Niagara and shoot a road-trip themed lookbook – which is exactly what we ended up doing, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the end results with you (soon!).

All lookbook related excitement aside though, once we were in Niagara, the weather seemed to take our side again, and we had an absolutely perfect day. We explored the strip with all the weird tacky motels and campgrounds, and ate at a diner shaped like a flying saucer, we shopped at kitchsy souvenir shops and rambled up and down Clifton Hill drinking Slushies and letting ourselves get overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds of the Midway. By the end of the day we had new freckles and frizzy hair from the sun and the humidity, and we were exhausted in a way that only perfect days with best friends can make you feel. We made dinner together and looked through the photos and I went to bed feeling extra sentimental about how much I love my friends.











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Doublethink Studios




In sticking with the (dead) theme (RIP, theme) of DIY Wednesdays on this blog: Check out our favourite girl, Kira’s latest side project, Doublethink Studios. I guess one day she was sitting around thinking “it probably isn’t enough that I’m already a really talented photographer, who is planning a wedding and about to move to a different country, who takes care of a (crazy) dog and is a super fun person to hang out with….I should probably pepper some really awesome new skills into my life-portfolio”…and that’s how Doublethink came to be.  I’m not really sure.

Either way though, she’s awesome, as usual, and you should keep an eye on her, cause it’s only going to get better. Here are a bunch of places you can find her online:

Society 6











Home Sweet Home / Kira


I am constantly in awe of my friends and the unique ways in which they decorate their apartments. I love finally being at an age where people actually take pride in their homes and you can feel their personality radiating throughout.

Kira’s apartment is no exception. She has one of those homes that you envy because it constantly smells like you walked into a cloud of vanilla and angels and cleanliness. You can distinctly see a part of Kira in her home. She decorates in a minimalist way that is both endearing and effortlessly simple (in the best way possible). It’s totally her, and I love it.


Thanks to Kira and Vader for sharing their home with us!!!

Posted and photos by: Alex