New Goodies at Larkspur

DSC_10801960’s inspired buttery yellow peter pan collar blouse

Again, I had a wee hiatus with shop updates, but we are back with some very lovely pieces, indeed. All items are still perfect for this chilly season, and some great for the warmer months to come. I’m also offering a discount on everything in the shop, from today until Thursday, Feb. 13th (one week!!!). Enter coupon code WINTERGTFO to receive 15% off your order.

Come by the shop today, I’d love to have you!

DSC_10551980’s novelty print button up

DSC_11221970’s handmade midi length tunic dress

DSC_11051970’s pumpkin orange wool & mohair knit cardigan

DSC_11711960’s high waisted wool tartan skirt

Holiday Sale

red_hat_vintage_christmasThe holidays are fast approaching, and while I love going home for Christmas, this time of year always feels the most insane. It’s not until I’m comfortably melting into my parents couch that I really feel relaxed. Each year I tell myself to buy all my gifts early to diminish that god awful “oh crap, i have zero time for this” stress. However, apparently I thrive off stress and continue to be the same old procrastinator I have always been. So kids, don’t be like me! Why not virtually pick up some things on your list today (or tomorrow, or whenever)? Please feel free to use coupon code MISTLETOEHOHO to received 30% off anything in the store. Want your purchase in time for the holidays? US residents should order by Dec.10th, and everywhere else by Dec. 2nd (this is not including Canada, you guys have more time). Discount runs until Dec. 4th (beat that Black Friday sales).

Larkspur Giveaways

editHello all! I’m excited to announce I’ve got a couple giveaways going on this week. I have teamed up with both Fashion Forestry and Messages on a Napkin to offer their lovely readers (as well as yourselves), a $50 shop credit. That’s right! One for a FF reader, and one for a MoaN reader! I’m also offering a 15% discount to Fashion Forestry readers, just enter coupon code LARKSPURFORESTRY.

Please head over to each of their blogs for details to enter!

It’s the house telling you to close your eyes


It wasn’t until I started this blog that I really felt interested in photography again. It was always something someone else did, and I thought it was fascinating, but I didn’t feel I had a place in that world. I have always felt more comfortable in front of the lens. I took a course in high school, but I really wasn’t that great. Mostly because school always bored me, and there were many constraints. I mean, this is high school, there isn’t a lot of room for artistic freedom and personal growth. After that, I kind of put away my SLR and told myself, well this is not your strong suit.

The internet is full of inspiring people. This blog has opened up another side of my creativity, next to dancing, that I wouldn’t have tapped into otherwise. Because, at the end of the day, I love having a place to share.

Matt bought me a Pentax K1000 for my birthday. I had been dying for a great SLR camera. So I did my research, and found most people raved about this one. I did a lot reading up and re-teaching myself, and then passed on that knowledge to Matt so we could shoot some images together. This here, is the first roll of film. Quite a number didn’t turn out, either because I was making a horrendous facial expression, or we didn’t quite get a harmonious aperture/shutter combo. But this is quite all right, it’s a learning experience, and one I am excited to further dive into.







First oufit
1960’s nightgown: Larkspur sleepwear

Second look
1920’s silk camisole: Lawrence
House coat: thrifted vintage
1960’s high waisted undies: Skomoroki

I’m off the Ithaca, NY tomorrow to do some camping in the Finger Lakes with Matt. The blog will be a little quiet for the week because of this. Larkspur is still having a 30% off sale until Aug. 31st. Anything purchased between today and Aug. 30th will be shipped the following Monday. Have a lovely week all!

New at Larkspur


1. 1960’s Style Pastel Plaid High Waisted Pencil Skirt (S)

Just a small update today! I listed what’s leftover of the Summer-ish items before I start stocking some Fall goodness! Come by the shop and grab em up!  Dont forget, you still have about 1 week to get 30% off all items in the shop with coupon code OYVEYSOLEIL. Have a lovely weekend all!


2. 1960’s Coral High Waisted Skirt (S)


3. 1970’s Edwardian Style White Lacey Puff Sleeve Dress (M/L)


4.  1990’s Candy Striper Bustier (M)