Leah Goren


If there is one thing I wish I was gifted with, it would be the ability to draw. I cannot draw. I hate saying that. But I can’t. And at times it feels like it doesn’t make sense. My father is good at drawing, my mother can sketch patterns and designs, and my younger brother shares their abilities. So what happened to my older brother and I? Although, maybe even my older brother can draw, I’m not certain. I did not receive that gene from them (curse you!). Whenever I see Leah Goren‘s designs it gets my “omg why can’t I draw!?” feelings going (Olivia Mew does this to me as well). Her illustrations and surface pattern designs are so endearing, you couldn’t help but love the girl wearing them (and love the girl creating them). The Girl Faces Dress is my absolute favourite. I need it. In my closet. Now. I have an affinity to kookie printed dresses. I’ll pretty much love any dress with strange people walking around on it, animals wearing outfits, miniature banjos and record players floating randomly, just anything that kind of doesn’t make sense, but you just want to stare at it till your eyes fall out. Anyways, Leah Goren, always making me envious and so happy at the same time.

Photography: Amber Byrne Mahoney
Models: Gaby Cetrulo & Gillian Herring
Designs: Leah Goren