Miss Crofton 2016

Miss Crofton 2016Ooo Baby Baby

Miss Crofton has remained my favourite lingerie and underwear brand for a long time now (and since TLO is no more, it definitely holds first place).They consistently come out with pieces that are feminine, sexy and wearable…wearable being the keyword there. It’s all too often you find pieces that are interesting and sexy, but surely not something you can wear outside of the bedroom. I have a hard time finding reason to spend money on something that rarely gets worn because it’s intended for a specific occasion, so I like the idea of a brand that strives for both comfort and sexiness, and can be worn at any time – star of the show or hidden beneath your clothes.


This collection may be my favourite yet, although, I have been known to say that with many of my favourite labels season after season. Aside from wanting to own each piece (I really do!), the lookbook is the best yet, imo. It’s clearly inspired by Pantone Colour of the Year and the clean, pastel aesthetic of the internet world, which, if I’m being honest (and a little sassy) is becoming a bit “ya, we get it.”, but still undeniably visually appealing, so I shall remain a fan.

Have you heard of Miss Crofton? What’s your favourite piece? Not really your style? Let me know in the comments below.
Miss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016CEdoDAjMiss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016Miss Crofton 2016Photography: Francesca Jane Allen
Model: Claire Margueritte
Set Design: Dora Miller

Into It, Intimates / Toru & Naoko

il_570xN.667193774_fgvtEtsy is such a wonderful place to come across new-to-me handmade labels. In my search for new lingerie designers I could share with you I came across Toru & Naoko, an intimates brand designed and owned by Camila, an Argentinean now living in Chile. She has such a wonderful ability to take classic, vintage-inspired looks and add interesting design details that it almost pains me that they are undergarments, and not outer-garments. But this is how I always feel about lingerie. My favourite articles of clothing to own/wear are always the ones that feel inappropriate to wear in public – lingerie, dressing gowns etc. I guess it works out nicely that I’m mostly an introverted homebody and thus have many an opportunity to give my much loved intimates their time to shine.

You can find Toru & Naoko on both their personal website and etsy.

My favourite: Kumiko high-waist knickers, Kelly lingerie set, Paris lingerie set, Kumiko bra, Mimi soft bra

Into It, Intimates / SJ Lingerie

pearl1I absolutely love bodysuits, which I know is sort of a weird statement – they aren’t the most practical of garments (although when have I ever been known to care about practicality?!). But for whatever reason, a really beautiful, well-made bodysuit just gets me every time. Maybe it’s because I’m a dancer and was forced to wear a bodysuit every ballet class, so my eye has always wandered towards interesting and unique bodysuits to spice things up, because wearing a plain bodysuit every class gets really boring, believe me. These pieces by Australian brand SJ Lingerie are obviously not mean’t to be worn to dance class, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to own them all just so I can lounge around and feel pretty. They make a lot of other intimates aside from bodysuits, which are all gorgeous (and which you can see with your own eyes below), but it was originally seeing the Pearl Bodysuit that got me to look into the brand. Romance comes to mind when I look at these pieces – a pretty good adjective to be associated with an intimates brand I think. SJ Lingerie has all things I love about intimates… lace, bodysuits, silk, nighties, high waisted panties…the list could go on and on. If you haven’t heard of this brand I urge you to check them out. It’s truly a pleasure for the lingerie loving eyes.

My favourite: Pearl Bodysuit, Pearl Soft Bra, Vixen Padded Bra, Vixen Crop Top, Vixen Boy Shorts, Vixen High Waisted Brief, Pearl Lace Nightdress, Classic Nightdress,

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