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Lykke WullfLykke wullf

I’ve gone through quite a transition with my personal style, which you wouldn’t even know since  I haven’t really been sharing my outfits here. My style has become a lot less vintage-cutesy-feminine-whatever and I’ve been wearing pants pretty much non stop which is quite different for me. In a sense my style has become a lot more minimalist (ie, trendy) while maintaining some of that vintage feel ya’ll know me for, mostly in the way of the 70s. That’s how I would describe it if I had to. In reality, I’ve just been wearing whatever the hell I want. Some days that’s modern minimalist, other days that’s vintage 70s. Whatever it is, it has been freeing to just not care that my style is kind of indefinable at this point. So all this to say, Lykke Wullf is like a visual reference for me of what my style is or would like to be. It’s 70s inspired while feeling very now. It’s easy, flattering and the perfect union between femme and masculine.

How about you? You feeling these pieces and styling? What are you loving at the moment?
Lykke WullfLykke WullfLykke WullfLykke WullfLykke WullfLykke WullfLykke WullfLykke WullfLykke WullfLykke WullfLykke Wullf

Lykke Wullf

il_fullxfull.657367189_q8bkHave you guys heard of Lykke Wullf? I had not, until recently, through Skunkboy Blog. Well, it was more like in the Summer, but it wasn’t until I started following them on instagram that I really took a look at their garments and became quite fond of the brand. Their styling and aesthetic feels a bit gypsy-boho-punk (that’s a mouthful) at times, but I look at these pieces, and very much see someone like myself being able to wear them with a totally different vibe. I’m especially fond of their denim overalls. They have a distinct 70s feel to them which I obviously like. You’d be hard pressed to find an actual pair of vintage overalls that are not totally unflattering (baggy 90s overalls, i”m looking at you), so it’s nice to come across brands that offer something vintage-inspired that is not already totally over-saturated in the vintage market. And how about that eye print!? Obviously not a new idea, I’ve seen plenty of brands coming out with novelty eye prints, but that doesn’t stop me from liking every single one of them. This print is especially interesting because it reminds me of the pen and sharpie drawings my best friend and I would doodle on our tattered denim jeans and shoes when we were bored in high school. However, it didn’t look nearly as nice as these. I’ve always been a terrible drawer.

You can follow Lykke Wullf on instagram for updates and pretty things almost daily, and they also sell on etsy.