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Larkspur Vintage | Current Favourite Lip ProductsGIVIN’ YOU LIP

This summer I’ve been steering away from bright red lips and have since replaced them with light pinks, nudes and softer reds. I still love bright classic reds and and my all time fav, orangey reds, but this summer’s makeup has been about a fresh, natural face and with that, softer lips. I thought I’d share my favourite lip colours at the moment, one of which I have already spoken about here, but still love as much as the day I got it, so it’s worth mentioning in this roundup.

Larkspur Vintage | Current Favourite Lip ProductsNYX butter gloss: Peaches & Cream
I’ve pretty much avoided glosses since, well, always. The ones I had used just made my lips sticky and didn’t have much pigment to them. I started to feel like, what the eff is the point of glosses? To make my hair stick to my lips. Ya no thnx. But once I tried NYX’s butter glosses (I have a couple other shades, but this is by far my fav), I was a convert. I love this gloss – it isn’t overly sticky and has an excellent coral pink pigment. I haven’t ventured much into the gloss department, so I’m sure there are tons of similar products out there with great pigment and little stickyness. You should tell me about them, maybe.Larkspur Vintage | Current Favourite Lip ProductsTeeez Cosmetics Sealed with a Kiss Lipduo: Dash of Plum
I was introduced to this cosmetic brand when they reached out to have me try a few of their products, and with such adorable packaging (and who doesnt like getting free makeup?) I thought why the heck not?! Indeed a true plum shade, which is more suited to the colder seasons, but what I have been doing is dabbing a slight bit onto my lips and then rubbing it in with my finger to give a more natural, however, much more alive look to my lips. I will say this liplacquer is quite drying, so I have been applying it with a lip balm to offset the drying effect it seems to have.Larkspur Vintage | Current Favourite Lip ProductsMaybelline Vivid Matte Liquid: Nude Flush
This is the bb I have talked about before, but it has remained a fav all this time, so why not mention her again? It’s a perfect nude shade that is incredibly wearable, so for those who don’t like anything too eye-catching, it’s probably the perfect shade for you. It is slightly drying, but I think it’s hard to avoid and something I have come to expect from a matte, so I forgive her.

*some or all of these products were sent to me as a gift from the brand, but me choosing to talk about them is because I actually like them

Things I Like / 1

Larkspur Vintage | Things I like / 1

things things things!

It’s been a long while since I shared some new products and things with ya’ll, and I don’t think I’ve ever done a so-called “favourites” post, so here we are with a new (not original) column for the blog. I’m hoping to make this column monthly, however, it will not be a “monthly favourites” because I don’t find new, favourite things every month…I am just not that fickle. But I am lucky enough to have some brands send me cool products, and if I do indeed like them, I want to be able to share that with you, along with things I have come across myself or old things that have been my bbs for a long while and I have never talked about here. Anyways! Blahblahblah, I yammer on sometimes…let’s get to it!

Larkspur Vintage | Things I Like / 1

Larkspur Vintage | I Like These / 1GREETINGS!

I instantly fell for these cards sent to me by Just Greet; so cute! Cards are definitely something I never have on hand, but often want when there is a birthday or special occasion. I’m lucky enough to live in a city that has plenty of adorable cards made by independent artists, but depending on where you live or how much time you have, finding cards made by independent artists may not be easy. Just Greet is a great site to head to when you want to find original designs (also eco-friendly) right quick and have them sent by the click of a button. You can send to your receivee straight from the site just by picking a card, typing up a quick note and Just Greet will do the rest!


Larkspur Vintage | I Like These / 1lip service

I received Maybelline’s Vivid Matte Liquid lip colour at TFW and holy cow, I love it (and I can attest Meaghan loves hers too, so it aint just me!). I went a little outside my comfort zone and got the nude shade, but I’m so happy I did. It’s a subtle, wearable colour, that adds just the right amount of life to the lips. It applies like a gloss but instantly dries to a matte and is fairly long lasting. It feels a bit drying, the way mattes often do, so I apply a little lip balm before and everything is a-ok.




Larkspur Vintage | I Like These / 1and make it snappy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m loving snapchat (my username is pushyspence, btw)! I’ve always been interested in getting into vlogging and making youtube videos, but it seems like such a huge commitment, and definitely new, confusing territory for me. Snapchat kind of feels like vlogging, but it’s way more simple and a whole lot of fun. I love blogging and instagram, but often times it’s hard to share your personality through writing (I do try, though). Snapchat gives me space to actually be the weirdo that I am and offer a bit more of me and my personality to my readers and followers. And on the flip side, it’s been so awesome getting to hear the voices and see the personalities of so many of my online pals.

Larkspur Vintage | Things I Like / 1

Larkspur Vintage | I Like These / 1SNUggle up

It had been a long while since I bought a new sheets for my bed. For a long time I was using a quilt my grandmother handmade and passed down to me, which I obviously love, but it was definitely time for a change. Since I live in a bachelor apartment (or studio) my bed is a big part of the room, so my sheets (or duvet cover, rather) need to compliment everything else in the room. My quilt is adorable, but it is very colourful and I found it was clashing with a lot of things in the room. So the last time Zach and I were at Ikea I picked up this duvet cover and matching pillow covers and it is much more suited to my apartment. Isn’t it lovely how just a little change like that can make all the difference?

Larkspur Vintage | I Like These / 1THAT SCENT

A few weekends ago when the weather was beautiful, Zach and I decided to take a stroll around our neighbourhood and pop into some local shops. I was mostly looking for some small antique furniture pieces for my apartment, but ended up coming away with this roller demi perfume from Illume. The scent is Cactus Verde, which is a fresh fragrance that finishes off sweet and slightly floral. To be honest, it was not the scent that drew me in initially, but rather the adorable packaging and how portable it is. You can be sure I’ve been carrying it in my bag everyday since.



*some of these products were sent as a gift from the brand