A Perfect Match

Larkspur Vintage | A Perfect MatchLarkspur Vintage | A Perfect Matchin miss patina

I’ve avoided midi length anything for what feels like ages. I used to absolutely love midi skirts and dresses (any of you that have followed me since the start know this), but at some point minis called to me more and then any time I tried something longer I didn’t like how it looked. So when I decided on this dress I wasn’t really sure how I would feel in it. Aesthetically, and in theory, it’s everything I like in a dress – 70s inspired, a beautiful colour with a fun (matchstick) print, high gathered neckline, pleated voile sleeve cuffs and a flowing skirt – but while it may sound appealing, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will actually be something I am happy and comfortable in. However, I took a chance on it for whatever reason (well actually, for the reasons I listed above) and after twirling about in this fluttery number, I am absolutely sold.


Sometimes shooting can be aggravating and I walk away dissatisfied. Other times it feels fresh and inspired and I walk away feeling like I made something I am proud of. For this set it was the latter. Naturally I can thank myself for that, but I think it’s also due in part to the dress. Clothes often have this magical way of bringing a part of yourself to the surface that sometimes feels tucked away.

Dress c/o Miss Patina | Hat & Belt: vintage | Boots: Zara via CS
Larkspur Vintage | A Perfect MatchLarkspur Vintage | A Perfect MatchLarkspur Vintage | A Perfect MatchLarkspur Vintage | A Perfect MatchLarkspur Vintage | A Perfect MatchLarkspur Vintage | A Perfect MatchLarkspur Vintage | A Perfect MatchLarkspur Vintage | A Perfect Match

I want to ride my bicycle

DSC_3921I recently got my bike fixed (Ryan used to be a BMXer so I’ve got my own personal bike repair man right at home) and have been biking as much as possible. I told myself at the beginning of this month I would not buy myself a metro pass so as to force myself to ride to and from work everyday (weather permitting), as well as anywhere else the weekend takes me. Dressing yourself for biking can be a challenge if you are someone like me. Ideally you’d wear shorts and a light shirt – that’s a pretty standard biking outfit – but well, I like to switch it up. I’m not always a shorts and shirt kind of girl. Many things must be considered when choosing an outfit that is biking appropriate. Since I wear dresses and skirts mostly I have to be careful that the dress/skirt has some moving room (sorry to my a-line minis) and is a comfortable length so it doesn’t fly up exposing your unmentionables. Midi skirts are perfect, but I have come to realize I don’t own as many midi skirts as I thought. This dress is an ideal biking outfit (also the print on it?! right!?), – and I had almost completely forgot about it in my closet because I consider it very much a Spring/Summer dress and wear it in no other season – it checks off all the boxes for appropriate bike wear, but I cannot wear this everyday, for obvious reasons (smelly!). I was reading on the internet how I could wear my shorter skirts/dresses without worrying about them blowing up in the wind. There is this neat trick where you tie a nickle (or penny or quarter) with an elastic band underneath the bottom of your skirt and it weighs it down for the ride. I tried it out on one of my short, lightweight dresses over the weekend and it worked wonders. Problem solved! Now to figure out how to wear hats without them flying off your head.

*photos by Ryan










DSC_3940Dress: vintage (hand-me-down from Meaghan)
Boater hat & belt: thrifted vintage